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*pics added!* The fast & furious (accidentally unnassisted) birth of....

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Annabelle Soleil!

After posting last night that I thought I might be in early labor, I tried to go to bed around 12:30. At a quarter after two, the labor pains woke me up. I listened to my hypnobabies early labor cd for a few minutes, but was too restless. I got up and wondered around the house, trying to let my husband sleep, as I figured I had a while to go. I timed some contractions and they seemed to be coming every three minutes, so I called my mom, who lives a half an hour away. I then paged my midwife with a "heads-up" message. I then wandered around my house, surprised at the intensity of the contractions.

When my mom got in the door shortly before 3am, I gave her a hug and said, "They hurt!" I moaned through a few of them, and my mom remarked that... uh... they were coming about a minute apart. I ran some water in the tub because I was in a lot of discomfort and thought soaking might help. I think my mom called the midwife while I got in the tub. Once there, the primal instinct took over. My husband woke up and asked my mom if I was in labor. I was moaning for a while, and then felt the urge to scream. I didn't want to wake up my son, so I bit a towel and screamed into it. I wanted so badly to be one of those calm, peaceful birthing women, but I wasn't.

Somehow I found that pushing slightly through the contractions gave me a purpose and focus and helped with the pain. I thought I couldn't possibly be ready to push, so I just grunt-pushed through each one. Then with almost no warning, I had to push, really push. My mom helped me out of the tub and I walked into my room, where I leaned over my bed and started pushing. My mom tried to tell me to stop and wait for the midwife (haha!), and my husband ran upstairs to find a syringe. About 5 seconds later I was on my hands a knees on the bed and out came her head. I panted a couple of time and out slipped the rest of her into her grandmother's arms. My hubby ran down the stairs to hear baby cries. It all seemed so quick! She was born at 4am.

about ten minutes later the midwife showed up, and confirmed what we all knew: I had a baby, and she's perfect.

Sorry this is all so disjointed (definitely not my best writing, but I'm all post-birth-high!).

I'll get some pictures up soon! Suffice to say, Annabelle is adorable with tiny little cheeky-cheeks, a little pug nose, her mommy's mouth, and her daddy's toes.

hopefully this link works!
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Wow! What a birth- sounds like it went perfect!
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Congrats on your birth! I can't believe you had an UC. Happy babymooning!
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awwwwwwww so happy for you!
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Congratulations!! So glad everything went well--I'm wondering what the syringe was for, though.

Welcome to the world Annabelle!
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What an awesome birth story! I'm wondering about the syringe too! LOL CONGRATS!!!!!!
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Whoa--amazing story. Congratulations! Welcome, Annabelle Soleil (LOVE the name!)
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What a great story! I'm so glad everyone is healthy and happy!
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Aww! The part about her being born into her grandmother's arms totally made me cry. Just beautiful!

I am going to try what you said about pushing more into contractions. I usually think "open" and "down" but not so much "push."

FTR-- Annabelle is DH's first choice and Soleil was high on my list! Lovely names!
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Wow! What a wonderful birth! Many Congrats!
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Congratulations! Oh, PP, I'm assuming she was talking about a bulb syringe, i.e. the snot sucker thingy.
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yeah, a bulb syringe!

When I told my mom, "SHE'S COMING!" my mom realized that she was going to be delivering her granddaughter, and was nervous about suctioning, which of course, ended up not even being necessary.

A few hours later we woke my son up and he got to meet his baby sister. It was so sweet!! He said, "Well, she's a little cutie!" Love overload!
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Wow!! That is so amazing that you had a UC!! Congratulations on your baby girl.
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Great story and congratulations!
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Whatta story!!! Welcome baby Annabelle
ED, You have a lovely family, enjoy your babymoon
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Congratulations! Wow, sounds intense and great. Very happy for you.
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(yeah, I'm stalking you to find your birth story. Deal with it! )

The fact that your mom caught her gave me chills. Everything works out exactly as it's supposed to, doesn't it?

Happy babymoon my friend. Welcome Annabelle!
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That is such an amazing birth story!! What a great memory that will be for you and your mom. Beautiful baby and family!!
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Great story! I always wanted to birth peacefully too, but I too am a screamer! Congrats!
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Wow!!! What a birth story. Welcome little Annabelle! Congrats mama!
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