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Boys are Here!!

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Born via C-section on November 3 our boys are here!! Please welcome Nathan Fisher and Maxwell Edward ( Nate & Max). I stopped my PTL meds on Monday and then the labor started tuesday and then had a Csect on tuesday. They were born 2:27 and 2:28 pm and weighed 5lb 14 oz and 5lb 11 oz and are 19 inches long. Nate had the cord wrapped around his neck and Max was breech so the C section was necessary. We are all do fine and just getting situated.


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awww!! they are so cute!!

congrats to you and your family! welcome to the world nate and max.

enjoy your babymoon mamas!

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Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Congrats!
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Not in your group, but they're SO cute! congrats!
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Oooh la la the cuteness! Congrats on the safe arrival!

Enjoy your babymoon.

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Stumbled upon your thread and just have to say congrats and tell you how adorable they are! They make my ovaries twitch, lol.
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Congrats Scalpel!! They are amazing!! Enjoy!

Welcome Nate and Max!!
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Thanks all....we are doing pretty well....having a lil trouble with the nursing of nate and the hospital hearing test they did we will to be "refered" to a specialist but we are taking each day at a time and hoping they get stronger.
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Congrats! And Welcome Nate and Max!!
They are beyond adorable and I love the names!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome, Nate & Max
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Could they BE any more adorable??? Wow, congratulations. I wish you all the best with tackling your nursing issues!
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awww... look at them! they are absolutly perfect. congrats!!
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They are absolutely perfect. Many congratulations, and enjoy your first weeks with them. GL w/ the nursing, and that their hearing is just fine!
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Welcome to Nate and Max!

They are amazing and beautiful.

You're now added to the "graduates" list on the Queer and Pregnant Thread, So feel free to drop by with advice, experience, and news.
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I hope that nursing is going well and that you are getting rest whenever you can.

Nate and Max are simply beautiful.

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Oh the cuteness! Congratulations to you and your family!!!
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SO CUTE!!! Congrats!!!!!!
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They are just precious! Congrats to your whole family!
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Sooooooo cute! Those little blue matching outfits are killing me! CONGRATS!
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What a couple of adorable boys! Congrats Scalpel!!!
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