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Boys are here!!

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Born via C-section on November 3 our boys are here!! Please welcome Nathan Fisher and Maxwell Edward ( Nate & Max). I stopped my PTL meds on Monday and then the labor started tuesday and then had a Csect on tuesday. They were born 2:27 and 2:28 pm and weighed 5lb 14 oz and 5lb 11 oz and are 19 inches long. Nate had the cord wrapped around his neck and Max was breech so the C section was necessary. We are all do fine and just getting situated.

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Welcome boys! Congrats mama!
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The links aren't working for me for some reason.
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Congratulations mama!! Rest well and enjoy your boys!

Links didn't work though
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Congrats on your double blessing! They are such a joy.
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Awwww congrats! Two wee ones! WOW!
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Congratulations on your twin boys!!
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More twins in the DDC! Congratulations!
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Yay!!!! Congrats mommy!
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Congratulations on your double blessing! Welcome, Nate & Max!
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Welcome to Nate and Max!
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Welcome baby boys!!!
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon!
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DDC Crashing! Congrats! That is the CUTEST picture!!!
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Cutest babies ever!!!!!! How big!!! Can you believe that you were carrying that much baby around inside???? Amazing!!!!!
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