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'roid rage! Helllllp!

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I'm just past 36 weeks and I've got the worst hemhorroids! Gah, someone give me a quick fix!

It's been two days of agony (my two days off, wonderful) and tomorrow I have to get up, get DS off to daycare, then go to work. How am I going to do this? I can barely walk and can only sit on my donut.

AND, what is it going to look like down there after I've had the baby?! I'm feeling a little panicky, because this is just from plain old heavy baby pressure. I'm not going to recongnize myself postpartum...and I'm afraid!
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Can you get to a medical supply store and get a plastic sitz bath ($15)? I'd do witchazel soaks multiple X per day. Sorry mamma.
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Thanks for that! I will find one!
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I never had any problems until I gave birth 11/1. Since then it has been constant unbearable pain down there!! I am using the witchhazel pads (tucks), icing the area a couple times per day, numbing spray...it all helps a little (still hurts to sit, stand, walk...). I am praying things "heal" soon. I am sorry you are feeling this way too, it is so uncomfortable!

I'll be watching this thread to see if I am missing any other treatments. I wonder how long this will last?????
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Take Colase (or generic form) stool softener every day. It's not a diuretic, just a softener. And if it's super bad, use Preparation H multiple times a day. Not ideal, but really, at this point, do you care anymore? I have not, knock on wood, had probs this pg, but I did with my other three. I.e. bleeding and agony....so I'm an old hat at this unfortunately. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!
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I don't know any quick methods of helping roid's. Sitz baths do help. But probably the best is just to make sure your stools are very soft. Eat fiber!! or take stool softeners if the fiber isn't doing it. I'm sorry though... 'roids' suck!!
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I felt so much better this morning, so was able to get DS off to daycare ok and go into work, but after checking out the situation...things aren't much better! **TMI alert!*** they're bleeding
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