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VBAC after 2 c-sections? TTC #3

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Hey Ladies, I'm from PA and having trouble finding someone that will support me doing a natural birth. Any advice?
I have two babies 13months apart. My first child was a honeymoon suvenior and she was considered a week late to one of the THREE OB doctors I had. I had three different due dates for her. She was an induction (which I was SO upset about because I knew she would come on her own, she was just being stubborn) and he highly suggested I get an epidural since the pitocin gives such bad contractions. Then four hours later he suggested I just get a c-section because she was doing well. I decided to wait a little while then the next doctor highly suggested I get a c-section while her vitals are strong. I was wasn't dilating (thanks to the epidural) so I just gave in.
With my second I found a Dr that would allow me to VBAC. But since my water broke he wanted to get him out before 24hrs. So he pit me and I had no support from my husband so I just got an epidural. My husband was reading a book the whole time! I was so upset!!! Once I got the epidural I hardly dialated. So once a fever spiked, I went into the OR.
SO...I'm hoping to find someone to help me do everything NATURAL this time!

Any advice? Any tips? Can another c-section be avoided or is this just a pipe dream?!
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I would look for a homebirth mw to help you, it seems unlikely that you'll find a doc/hospital who will 'let you labor'. But if you really want this, you'll have to fight for it--not let dh, due dates, anything else stand in your way
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It can be done! See my stats below.

I cannot stress enough that care provider choice is essential. That means your entire support team has to be fully on board - CP, doula, husband. No bait and switch or discouragement at the end; no lying about the statistics - so know your facts so you can call BS when you hear it.

You also need to make your expectations clear to DH - he needs to be on board with this and actively supporting you. Make sure he knows how let down you were last time. Read, and have him read, The Birth Partner.

have you looked at ICAN? If you have local chapter you'll want to attend meetings, but definitely check out the website for info on vbac. They can help you find a provider.

Check with local doulas and ask them who they know might be supportive of vba2c. Also, call L&D units and ask the nurses who they are seeing that are truly vbac friendly. If you find a vbac friendly dr or mw, you might be able to convince them to support a vba2c.

The evidence and stats are in your favor!
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Thanks Mama's! And MamaT your stats are amazing!

I was part of ICAN with my second but got so discouraged because i didn't find them until I was around 25weeks. If I could find someone who would support a home birth I would be ALL over it. I think a hospital stresses me out. I'm trying to find a midwife and a doula now before I even get pregnant. So I can do the right thing from the beginning!
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Definitely have a doula and try Hypnobabies. http://www.hypnobabies.com
Hypnobabies can be done mostly on your own, but a doula or partner can support you if they are familiar with the cues. I used it for my VBAC and just gave my doula the cue sheet for doulas a few days before the birth and she did great supporting me. My husband missed the birth by 1.5 hours which we thought might happen because he was coming from far away.

I went to a hospital 2 hours away (Pittsburgh) to find a truly supportive provider. Don't be afraid to travel for the right provider it makes a huge difference.

Also, many providers like to see 18 months between births for VBAC since you are VBA2C and not pregnant yet, I would wait to make sure that you will have at least 18 months between your last c-section and the birth of #3. It is one factor that you can control and since it can be difficult to find a provider, making sure there will be the spacing that providers are comfortable with will make it just a bit easier.
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Ditto to those who said check out ICAN.
I had a wonderful HBAC with my son, who was born over 10 lbs (just like my father), and quite healthy.
He turned 2 yesterday, and that HBAC was the best decision I ever made.

I know it wouldn't have turned out like that with an OB or a CNM. I had CNMs the first time and the scar to prove it, but maybe they are better at freestanding birth centers. But being a VBAC, you can't probably use a freestanding birth center, so would be stuck with CNMs who answer to OBs.
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Whether or not your CNM has to 'answer to OBs' depends on state regulations and her conditions of practice, not necessarily where she delivers. Hospital CNMs tend to have more restrictions, not because they are CNMs but because they have the hospital to answer to as well. But even within hospital CNMs, there is a difference between a CNM who is employed by an OB and a CNM who owns her own practice but has a backup OB (either with formal practice agreement as mandated by law, or not).

Depending on state regulations, FSBC CNMs may also have a backup OB to answer to. I come from New York, and there ALL midwives, regardless of their education, must maintain a formal written practice agreement with an OB or hospital.

In some places, CNMs do home birth. Near where I live now, there is a practice of CNMs who do home, birth center, or hospital (though they will only attend VBACs in the hospital).

So it's very difficult to generalize.
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Hi cairomama,


Would you please respond with your medical provider's info?  I am contemplating a move to Pittsburgh, and would like to get linked w/ such an office.



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Where is this practice you speak of?  Would you please post their contact info?  Thanks!

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Originally Posted by lottie6171 View Post

Hi cairomama,


Would you please respond with your medical provider's info?  I am contemplating a move to Pittsburgh, and would like to get linked w/ such an office.



The Midwives at Magee claim to be VBA2C friendly but from what I'm hearing from a friend who is a VBA2C hopeful that they are starting to want to referr VBA2C's over to Maternal Fetal Medicine at Magee. If you are a regular VBAC they really don't care, but lately they are thinking that its too high risk.  I do have info for local homebirth midwives if you would like it and I am very active in the South Western Pa chapter of ICAN.


To the OP- Where are you located in Pa?

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