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Leaking Amniotic fluid, in hospital til baby comes - Page 2

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So sorry to read this Regina.
Sending you lots of and hoping that the baby stays put as long as possible.
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Ugh!!!! Thinking of you! keep cooking your LO... and keep us posted as you can. Best wishes!!!!
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sorry 2 hear u r joining the bedrest tribe
i 2 found missing my dd the hardest part
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keep us updated. you are all in our hearts and minds!
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thanks so much guys, your kind words brought tears to my eyes.

to answer a few questions that were posted: my first son came 2 days early and the sac was so strong that when the mw went to break it (when he was almost crowning) she was amazed at how thick it was. Who knows what happened, they think possibly bacteria weakened it, so to the PP who asked about GBS, I'm waiting for results I think we'll find out today or tomorrow. We hadn't checked yet since I was only 32 weeks.

Mandie, thanks, hubby will be able to bring the beads in so I'll just leave it be. Plus with all the swine flu rules they may not be able to give me a package sent here anyways! lol. They only allow 2 visitors at a time, go figure, I have no idea how that helps prevent the spread of disease... oy.
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I'm so sorry! I had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago and got really nervous that my water was going to break due to the force of the coughing )I know it's not logical, but still).
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I hope the LO stays in there until he's good and ready. Sending you healing thoughts
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Good luck with everything mama, we're thinking of you. Keep on baking, little one!
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I don't supose it would be possible for you to stay put until a "safe" time and then go home for your HB? THAT would be a great compromise!
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Regina - I'm sorry mama. I agree with Kidz, is there anyway you can rest at the hospital and then go home when the danger has passed? Much love to you
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HUGE (((((hugs)))) Glad your hubby can get you your beads.

I am thinking many positive thoughts for you and your sweet baby!
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Just popping in & I am so sorry this is going on!! (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) to you.

Keep us updated as you can & I will keep you in my prayers.
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Oh, you poor mama! It just broke my heart to think that you can't be with your DS. I'm so sorry! Hopefully this time will go quickly for you and you can all be at home soon.
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Oh Regina,
I'm so sorry.
I hope the next 3 weeks pass quickly for you and you get to see your DS as much as you can now, then have a healthy baby to take home with you.
much love.
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I hope your baby stays in there a good long time yet.

FWIW, I remember a mama here maybe 3-4 years ago whose water started leaking early (33 weeks?) and the leak eventually closed itself up. She spent most of the time between the leak forming and baby's birth on home bed rest, I think.

It must be very hard not to be with your son. I hope you can work out a way to spend as much time with him as possible.
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thinking of you regina! i've done the hospital thing (6 wks) and i know it's tough. s
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oh no!
hopefully you can have your little one and get home as soon as possible
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Sending some prayers your way.
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I'm not in your Due Date Club, but I just wanted to stop by to tell you that I'm so sorry that you're in this frustrating, upsetting position where you won't be able to finish your pregnancy as you had hoped. I'm wishing for the best possible outcome for you and your little one.
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I know this wasnt part of your plans but I am glad you are where you and LO can be monitored.
Rest and think happy thoughts!
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