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best things to sell on craigslist?

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We're really short of funds this month, and while we are having a yard sale this coming weekend we still need to raise funds. I'm mostly out of work thanks to my PC dying, so we're really coming up short this month and we were already behind.

Can you give me ideas of things that sell quickly on craigslist? And good selling prices? I'm trying to go through the house and anything we don't 110% need is going.
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With Christmas coming up, its a good time to sell toys your kids have outgrown or don't play with. Video games and systems too.
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I have had pretty good luck with any baby gear. if you have strollers, jumperoos, etc get rid of them!

Also anything name brand will do better. I sold a PB kids table and chairs that I bought used and got like 20 offers for it within an hour. crazy.

You might have good luck with xmas decorations and fake xmas trees, etc.

Do you have 2 vehicles? Have you thought about going down to 1 car? What about any "toys" like boat, motorcycle, etc?
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Do you have baby gear like strollers and highchairs?

I listed a double jogger recently and had 20 something emails about it in a short amount of time.

Do you have a dining room table you don't really need? I say that b/c it's something I am always looking for.

Excersize equipment like a treadmill or bike would go fast.
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Books sell well on www.half.com
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I've sold a few jewelry pieces on Craigslist. Good pictures, detailed description and good price always sell them pretty fast. And they fetch a lot more than clothes or toys. Assuming you have some you don't need, of course. Books and movies are good, too.
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Depending on where you live, I've had good luck selling jackets/boots/ski pants this time of year.

I've also sold scrapbooking stuff, kids toys, bikes, and baby stuff.
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Kids items (legos, strollers, clothes, etc) this time of year holiday outfits go fast!

Furniture (someone is driving 40 minutes to look at some vintage diner chairs I have listed!)

Outdoor play structures & ride on toys - I just cleared out the back yard to make room for a new play structure - I sold a tricycle, slide, swing, & riding car for $70. Playhouses & play kitchens always go fast & for good value. $50 or more for some of them. I've seen some really nice ones listed at $100.

Another craigslist hint, list your ads on different sites. I have some of my items listed on three different local craigslists. But we're all fairly close here, less than a 30 minute drive.
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Might want to check out http://www.hipswap.com/ You can sell everything there. Fun site too.

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I've had good luck with small appliances (toaster, coffee pot, microwave) as well as baby gear.  Large items also seem to go fast (like furniture, exercise equipment, and sets of stuff.)  Little items like books, records, and knick-nacks linger around and rarely sell.  Oddly, mixed bags/boxes of clothing seem to go pretty quick too. Oh, pet supplies sell well too, so cages, decor, toys, etc. all seem to be popular.


Fastest things I've sold were free weights, car seats, and espresso machine.  All sold within minutes of being posted.



Good luck and hope you make ends meet this month.

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My experience is best with anything name-brand. And always, ALWAYS post pictures, even if it is obvious what a XYZ would look like.


Do you have a local used bookstore that buys books? Might be a way to sell boxes full at a time, rather than individually. Although the price may not be as good, since they have to mark them up for resale. Same with outgrown baby/kid's clothes.

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Any "guy" items regardless of condition such as tires, misc car parts, cars, power washers, snow blowers, lawn mowers, tools, etc. electronics, video games and cell phones sell well too.
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Things that go fast:


Old computers, monitors, keyboards - hobbyists tend to check daily for new listings (just sold some in an hour of listing, same thing happened a few years ago (I work at a computer company that upgrades)


Fridge, stove - landlords like to snag these


Baby items (back pack, clip on high chair) - takes longer


Things that seem to be ignored - my guess it is my location and the kind of people that are using or not using craigslist)

new curtains name brand, in package

new curtain rods name brand, still packaged

baby items (soft carriers, bouncy thing, etc)

misc items (cuisinart coffee pot, krups bean grinder, etc)

I have never bothered to list kids clothes and such. May as well give them away / find someone looking or try a yard sale.

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