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Road trip with 6-month-old

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Hi moms,

I wasn't sure which forum to post this in. In two months we're taking a trip by car, which usually takes around 6.5 hours. DD will be 6 months old at that time. I assume the trip will be more like 8 hours with extra stops for diaper changes, etc. She won't be on solids yet, so I'll be BFing & giving her bottles of expressed milk.

I'm planning to BF her if she wakes up & we stop somewhere, or pump in the car and give her bottles. Does anyone have experience traveling by car with a baby this age? How did you feed your LO & keep them amused during the ride? Any info would be helpful! Thanks.
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Travelling at that age I still categorized as easy. No food to worry about, ds mostly slept in a moving car, I could bf anywhere so feeding was easy. Occassionally if he got fussy & we weren't at a point we could stop (or were really close to a planned stop) I would get into the backseat with him to entertain him.
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We have taken several long road trips since DD was born, and overall, they went much better than I had expected. We try to coordinate our leaving time with her normal nap time (or when she starts to get sleepy; she doesn't have much of a schedule).
I sit in the back with her while DH drives, and once she wakes up from her nap, I entertain her as long as I can (lots of peek-a-boo/me acting ridiculous keeps her smiling) until she gets fussy. Then we stop, DH fills up car, gets drinks, etc... while I nurse her. We usually walk around for a few minutes, change her diaper, and get back on the road. Repeat....
I don't bother pumping and offering bottles because she has never taken a bottle before, and I know that she wouldn't be satisfied without actually nursing (plus I don't have to worry about cleaning, pumping, temperature control, etc...)
Good luck! Enjoy the ride; take your time and stop to see things that you otherwise wouldn't stop for!
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