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After all the weird/nosy things...

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people have said to me.... WHY was it still surprising to me when a complete stranger asked if I was dilated?

I am so cranky--I should stop going out in public. We're meeting some of DH's extended family for dinner tonight and I'm DREADING it. I just can't be around people anymore.
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I think you should make a sign and wear it. "the state of my uterus is none of your business"
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Here's the tape I have been playing in my head this week:

"Just because I am obviously pregnant doesn't mean I want to discuss it with everyone!"

"I am not a walking conversation piece!"

"I know this is the most obvious thing to talk about, but there IS (gasp) more to me than just this big pregnant belly."

I getcha!

(I have to avoid my male neighbor whenever I walk past his house with my dog-- he tries to touch my protruding belly and always asks so enthusiastically about "how I am doing"...I just give him a quick, "Great! And how are you, isn't this great weather?" and walk away as quickly as I can. Ppl are so not aware of how it feels to be at this stage!
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I want to be home alone all the time, too. I'm so tired of my planet-sized belly attracting looks and comments. At least strangers aren't asking me if I'm dilated, although my co-workers were talking about how "exciting" it would be if my water broke at work!!
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I complained to my dh about this after some guy at WalMart commented on my belly. I know the guy was trying to be nice, said something to the effect "that's totally cool". But really how am I supposed to reply to that? I'm getting a bit tired of it too.
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i sop sick of SHES NOT HERE YET? Still preg huh? NO im not im just stiill fat thanks!i said that yestersay and the guy looked at me i was like um jk
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That's awful! What is wrong with people!?

DH and I have a coffee shop and I'm suprised at how my sex life & body parts are completely fair game for any customer to talk about. Ugh.
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Yesterday we had a little brownie-eating fest in the conference room for someone's birthday. As it was my due date, baby talk predominated the conversation. Here was one exchange:

My boss's boss: "So, are you dilated at all?"
Me: "Um, I'm not really sure I'm comfortable discussing the condition of my cervix with my boss's boss."
Boss's boss: "Ewwww."
Me: "Um, you're the one who asked if I was dilated."

Everyone is pretty much tripping that I'm refusing internal checks. My secretary said I shouldn't have stopped going to the doctor because the doctor would be able to tell me when I was going to have the baby based on my dilation. Rofl at the thought of my midwife being stupid for not being able to do the same. People crack me up.

I try and educate, but every once in a while it's just easier and more fun to embarass. Like when someone in my department asked "Have you and the midwife talked about what you're going to do in an emergency?" To which I replied "OMG NO! I guess we should start thinking about that, huh! " I mean, seriously.
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...am a November lurker, but can totally relate to this topic!!! At last ob appointment the too-young-to-be-for-real nurse asked me if I would "go ahead and give her a urine sample..." I was growling to myself on the way to the potty that I would go and pee in a cup for my dr but not for her, sheesh!
I am at the point where I can count down the days, so they say, but I know from being late the last two times that I shouldn't or else my are-you-there-yet crabbiness will only get worse...
Good luck at you mommas!!!
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I don't know whether it is better to be at home or work . . .
at work, I get:

OMG why are you still here (need $$$)!
Wasn't your due date Saturday (11/7/09) yes
Are you dilated any (just 1 - find it easier to answer than avoid)
When is he coming? (I dunno, he's pretty comfy)
What does your doctor think? (my MIDWIFE thinks he's fine)
and my favorite:
When are you going to induce? (hopefully never. she won't let me get past 41+6 which is 11/20)

at home from DH I get:

Are you having contractions?
how strong are they?
how far apart?

The answers to which vary, the last one the answer is, until they really make me focus and concentrate, I'm not bothering to time them. No point. The first two answers are usually (BH sometimes, prodromal labor sometimes) and enh. painful sometimes, sometimes not.

I wish I could just disappear into a hole for 2 weeks and emerge with a baby.
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Oh, and the constant question "how big do they say he is?" (you know, because I sooooooooo want to discuss how stretched out my vag will be/how I'll be unable to birth him at all with you)

I just say I don't know, when what I really want to say is "I could pull a figure out of my butt and be about as accurate as an ultrasound right now."
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