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head circumference

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Would some of you share your baby's head circumference at birth and now? I'm curious and I didn't really pay attention to head circumference with my other babies. Thanks!
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Jackson was 14 3/4in at birth and today he was 17 in. He is 11 weeks today. HTH

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At birth Rohnin was 13" at 8 weeks he was 16". Haven't measured since then because I just keep forgetting!
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Thanks...I filled out an online calculator, and she was in the 25-50% range. She is 15lbs, 24 inches and I measured her head at 15.5 inches...I was worried because she wasn't in the highest % for head circumference! lol...I think she was 13.something at birth, 8/20...
looking for something to worry about!!
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our hospital didn't do that measurement which I found curious
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DDC crashing. With my 1st DD our ped made a huge deal about head circumference. Wanted an mri ... meaning sedate the baby etc. I found another Dr. Her head is fine was fine and followed along HER gowth curve. My DD is very tall so her height was in the 99th percentile, and her head was like 25th percentile ... Take a look at your own head. Both DH and I have small heads. You can be cautious - but try not to stress about it, watch the curve. I was SO worried and stressed out about it - DD's 5 1/2 now and she's a super smart kid - seriously.
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Thank you! I am kinda worried about it...
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I should also mention my DD is beautiful ... she does not have a freakishly small head at all. You can measure it yourself with a piece of string. DH and I took a piece of string and wrapped it around the largest part of DD's head, then measured it. I was so worried. Then we did our own. That's when we realized we both had small heads! Never before in my life had I ever even thought of it.
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