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Squeaky-clean, absolutely inoffensive movies for 10-12-year-old girls?

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Hope this thread is allowed... I blogged about my dilemma here and was wondering if any of you lot have any ideas.

Basically, I'm writing an article about very inoffensive movies for preteen girls. The kind you could show at a sleepover without inciting the wrath of any parent for introducing her child to profanity, scariness, the portrayal of hard drugs, witchcraft or anything otherwise controversial. And I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. Even a movie like The Princess Bride, which most parents presumably wouldn't object to, has a swear word and a fair amount of violence. (OK, and a torture scene. And death. Oh, and another swear word. I forgot about that one.)
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Well, maybe a little old fashioned, but I loved Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, and a cute one with Kurt Russell , The Computer who wore Tennis Shoes, oh and That Darn Cat, and Herbie the Love Bug. All are good family fun, no cursing, rated G.
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The Secret Garden?
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I dunno; what are the odds someone would object to the "magic" scene with the chanting and fire in The Secret Garden?
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I was thinking about that just now.
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Ella Enchanted? The Princess Diaries?
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Sound of Music?

Swiss Family Robinson?
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I agree with the newer version of the Parent Trap, Ella Enchanted, and the Princess Diaries movies. Also Freaky Friday (again the newer version). Although Ella Enchanted has that one scary scene where she is forced to try to kill the prince.

I'd go with the newer Parent Trap or Princess Diaries. Cheaper by the Dozen (again newer - or isn't there an old version? I'm talking about the one with Steve Martin and Ashton Kutcher) is good, but the parents heavily flirt with each other. They are married for crying out loud, but you said squeaky clean...

I love Shrek or Shark Tales for cartoons. Depends on what 10-12 year olds.
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The new version of Cheaper by the Dozen is not squeaky clean.
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Nim's Island?
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Nanny MacPhee
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (or whatever it's called)
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Nanny Macphee is magicy too.
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I was wondering if all magic was out or just explicit witchcraft.
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See now that is what confused me, would talking animals count as magic?

I remember at the Camp Fire lock in we all watched the Seven Voyages of Sinbad!!!
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
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The Water Horse
Kit Kittridge (any of the American Girl movies, really, but this is the only one that doesn't suck eggs)
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You probably already know this, but pluggedin.com takes these movies apart and finds absolutely anything and everything that could possibly be considered offensive. I mean, ridiculously so, to the point where I often find myself thinking, "Man, you people have dirty minds because I never in a million years would have thought that was offensive".
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My daughter saw Dreamer last week and loved it. Dakota Fanning. A horse story. Based on a true story, I think. Oh, but it's about horse racing. Gambling would probably rule this one out. Dang! You have a tough assignment.
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The Tale of Despereaux

There is that Ice Princess movie, not brilliant film making but I don't recall anything offensive.
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I haven't seen all of these, so I don't know quite how "squeaky clean" they are, but ...

The American Girl movies?
Akeela and the Bee?
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?
Little Women (the original or the remake)?
Fly Away Home?
The Rookie (w/Dennis Quaid)?
The Black Stallion?
Ice Princess?
The Man from Snowy River?
Father of the Bride (the remake w/Steve Martin)?
Cheaper by the Dozen (the original w/Myrna Loy)?
Belles on Their Toes (sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen)?
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