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Pregnancy after Cone Biopsy

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Hello moms,
I'm new here. Hoping to hear from a mom that has had a pregnancy after a cone biopsy. I had a CB about 15 years ago, and I'm now wanting to be pregnant. my parentologist tells me that there is NO lifting, no exercise and no sex for the entire pregnancy. Is this true? really? I have a 1 year old (adopted), and if this is true I need full time live in help. I'm trying to decide if it is possible to do this. Will i learn more if i request a closer look at my cervix? Do they just do that after the pregnancy?
I'd love to hear from you.
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I had a cone biopsy in october 2006 and had my first baby in June 2008. I'm now 23 weeks with #2. I was super sick with first so I didn't do much exercise, but I lifted (including moving boxes), had sex when I didn't feel like puking, walked, worked, flew across the country and across the world. DD was born on her due date at a night healthy 7lbs 7 oz.
This time I've been lifting my 16 months old and carrying her in her sling for a few hours at a time, been doing yoga daily, having sex a few times a week and generally living my life.
They did check my cervical length at 20 and about 30 weeks with number one and it was well into the normal zone. I had no restrictions what so ever. I asked about it in the early days and they said they would keep an eye on me, but to continue as if I had not had the procedure done.
Hope that helps a bit.
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WOW that helps a LOT!!
I swear they brace you for the worst just to protect them selves. thank you!!
Do you know if you had a lazer removal, freezing the cells technique or scalpel removal? was it CIN 3 like mine? thanks,
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I replied in your Xpost.
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It was CIN3 and they removed a section with a scalpel. I can't remember how big the area they removed was but I remember them saying it was a "fairly large" area. I would tell your caregiver in the early days about the procedure and your concerns so they can monitor you if they feel it is warranted. Happy baby making!
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My good friend had a cone biopsy and is now 41 weeks with her first. She's had a totally normal pregnancy, and has done a ton of yoga, worked on her feet at a demanding job, lifted normal amounts, and had sex regularly.
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I also had a cold-cone to remove CIN3 cells in fall '06, and, despite a PTL labor scare that has seemed to resolve itself (starting at 33 weeks, seems to be all settled now at nearly 35) everything's been fine, including cervical length, etc.

It's certainly something my OB is aware of, but I've had no restrictions on activity (other than no DTD until 36 weeks) because of it.
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