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NEW June 2010 Due Dates - Introduce Yourselves here!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!
Welcome to the June 2010 DDC!
It's so great to have you here and we can't wait to get to know you!

If you would like to be added to the roster, either post in this thread or PM me. If you'd like me to make changes to your info or delete it, you can also post here or PM me. I will try to keep up with all new introductions, but can't make any promises if it's not posted in this thread or PM'd to me.

Feel free to share the following:

Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies):
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses):
Names you like:
Birth Plans/Preferences:
Anything else you'd like to share:

May 31
Fly Girl * Maegen * expecting #2
henny penny * expecting #2

Sometime in June
luv_my_babes * expecting #3

Early June
GoBecGo * Bec * expecting #2 (June 1 or 2)
heidi_m * Heidi * expecting #4
*mama moose* * Christina/Phoenix * expecting #3
maybemom05 * expecting #3
Nina1707 * Lucia * expecting #1 (June 9 or 10)
cookie * Marina * expecting #1

June 1
FarmerFemme * Sarah * expecting #1
kbcain * Kyle * expecting #2
luv_my_babes * Stephanie * expecting #3
prone_to_wander * Deb * expecting #1
prunewhip * Kate * expecting #2
Shachar613 * Devorah * expecting #2
SuperGojiMama * Camille * expecting #1
begooddogood * Marta * expecting #1
brownskinchinee * Darcelle * expecting #2
jgd * Jackie * expecting #1
aka mommy * Jen or Jenelle * expecting #4

June 2
Mimi * expecting #3
momofboysajs * Amber * expecting #4
nataliad * Natalia * expecting #1

June 3
Dynomite&Destiny * Tiffany * expecting #2
elismum1908 * Eryn * expecting #2
Jen H. * Jen * expecting #3
lizsmith * Liz * expecting #4
NicolleLynne * Nicolle * expecting #1 after 2 losses
pacificbliss * Pacific * expecting #2
nicolebeth * Nicolebeth * expecting #3

June 4
evobaby * Arianne * expecting #2
laangel * Laura * expecting #3
runnergirl262 * Jen * expecting #5
Tres * Tres * expecting #1
UberMama * Ali * expecting pg #6, baby #5, surro #2
mommabee * Momma bee * expecting #2

June 5
Aeon077 * Carolyn * expecting #2
bdoody11 *Bree * expecting #2 after 2 losses
Bri&lexismom * Christine * expecting #3
Litcrit * Danica * expecting #2
micealc * Miceal * expecting #2

June 6
aaronsmom * Danielle * expecting #3
cormama * Corinne * expecting #2
elf_babykins * Lisa * expecting #2
Gypsy.Momma * Gypsy * expecting #5
Rothmom * Mindi * expecting #3
soso-lynn * Lynn * expecting #2
triana1326 * Jenn * expecting #2
sabrinak * Sabrina * expecting #1
mamalistens * Jenna * expecting #2
teenydoodlez * Irene * expecting #3

June 7
Buzzer Beater * Sara * expecting #2
tabby1678 * Tina * expecting #1

June 8
anwanie99 * Anne * expecting #2
Binta * Karen * expecting #2
is it puppies? * Sarah * expecting #1
longmountainart * Brittaini * expecting #2

June 9
alivia * Julie * expecting #3
Farmer'sWife * Emily * expecting #2
mocha09 * expecting #2

June 10
azdaisy * Joanna * expecting #2
curvyred * expecting #2
LiLeon * Lena * expecting #2
lizvt * Liz * expecting #2
MamaEST * Elizabeth * expecting #2 for her, #4 for them
mayamama * Rachael * expecting #2
mosquitoswamp * Joanna * expecting #2
sara_m * Sara * expecting #3
kimlynn * Kimlynn * expecting #1
mama-roy * stacy * expecting #1

June 11
Beck024 * Beckie * expecting #5
RainbowEarthFaerie * Eliza * expecting #4 after a loss of twins
Sam'sInLovex2 * Samantha * expecting #2
triscuit * Kate * expecting #1
takeiteasymama * Jessica * expecting #3
KatieBonita *Katie* expecting #1

June 12
juleslane * Kim * expecting #4
peachsara * Sara * expecting #3

June 13
alexaskj * Alexas * expecting #2
bananabee * expecting #1
LinsKMF * Lindsey * expecting #2
slsurface * expecting #2
tngirl11 * Gayle * expecting #4

June 14
Burnindinner * Amy * expecting #2
CatholicBFMama * expecting #3
momme2b * Caity * expecting #3
mommyfied * expecting #3
mediumcrunch * Karen * expecting #9
voodoo lady * Christy* expecting #1

June 15
icy02 * Jillian * expecting #2
singin_angel * Expecting #2 after a loss
kathryn * Kathryn * expecting #5
UmmAbduRahman * Jessi * expecting #3
leilaM * Leila * expecting #1

Mid/Late June
hotcoco54 * Nichole * expecting #2
jesepumpkin * Jese * expecting #2 (June 13 or 14)
Red Sonja * Sonja * expecting #4
desert rose * Aisha * expecting #2

June 16
DucetteMama21842 * Danile * expecting #4
Katieo54 * Katie * expecting #2
desertgirl351 * Stella * expecting #4

June 17
blessed2bmommy * Kelly * expecting #2
ginadc * Gina * expecting #3
pippasmum * Sarah * expecting #2
anstar * Andrea * expecting #4

June 18
SwanLake * Katie * expecting #1 after a loss
mrswhatsit * Katherine * expecting #1
blake201 * Blake* expecting #1

June 19
at_the_hip * Cindy * expecting #5
lactavia * expecting #2
megcph * Meghan * expecting #3
nickandbec * Rebecca * expecting #1

June 20
*J* * Jessica * expecting #1 & #2
jules.phillips * Jules * expecting #1
MuslimMama * Faiza * expecting #2
sunflower.mama * Katherine * expecting #3
Tulafina * Julie * expecting #3
twothirdscrunchie * Lisa * expecting #3
mummalitt * Allyson * expecting #3
mhorai * Elizabeth * expecting #2
jessisaurasrarr * Jessi * expecting #2
Mamja * Allison * expecting #2
sarary * Sara * expecting #1
agarmstrong * Alissa * expecting #1
cuddlebaby * Rebecca * expecting #6
lichenNH * Lichen * expecting #1

June 21
laneysprout * Alana * expecting #2
Pinoikoi * PK * expecting #5 a GIRL!
SeattleRain * Robin * expecting #1
SimpleLittleThings * Sandy * expecting #2
Venia * Mel * expecting #2
sal42 * Sally * expecting #2
gingercat * Evi * expecting #2
aslyn * Mandie * expecting #4

June 22
angela1435 * Angela * expecting #3
radish * Regina * expecting #3
hannah32 * Handle * #1

June 23
cadejaxellamom * Brooke * expecting #4
expatmommy * expecting #5 after a stillbirth
LisaSedai * Lisa * expecting #2
LynnE73 * Lynn * expecting #4
mariew * Autumn * expecting #2
mommariffic * Tracy * expecting #2
Global Mama * Laura * #1

June 24
jjnoho * JJ * expecting #1
Paige, CPM * Paige * expecting #2
neldabean * Danielle * expecting #4

June 25
koffinash * Ash * expecting #3

June 26
crbyard * Christina * expecting #3
hazeleyes * Mary * expecting #3
lisko15 * expecting #2, their first together
Noah's mommy * Abby * expecting #3
sharr610 * Stephanie * expecting #2
Yaliina * Elise * expecting #2

June 27
jannk * Jodi * expecting #2
swanmom * expecting #3
pepper-gina * Gina * #4

June 28
kpttaurus * expecting #2
mommysaurus * Yvonne * expecting #9, #2 w/DP
monarch27 * Heidi * expecting #2
shellyma * Michelle * expecting #4
texasfarmom * Dawn * expecting #1 after 2 losses
minnie791 * Minnie * expecting #1
cyndalnronny * Cyndal * expecting #3

June 29
amberdcm * Amber * #2
superfastreader * Annie * expecting #2

June 30
superlove * Arin * expecting #1
doulavallere * Vallere * expecting #4
tiffanoodle * Tiffany * expecting #4

Late June/Early July
bjorker * Kayla P. * expecting #2 (June 30 or July 1)
CorasMama * Kate * expecting #2 (July 1 or 3)
Friday13th * Alison * expecting #2
PugMom4Now * Jill * expecting #1 (June 30 or July 1)

Remembering our Angels:
dana76 * Dana
gen24 * Gen
ILoveMyBabyBird * Emma
Juliensiss * Julie
MI_Dawn * Dawn
MisaGoat * Melissa
MommyPixie * Jenn
mountainsun * Sarah
NotBroken * Ashley
Phantaja * Aja
PrairieBohemian * Syrinx
Sihaya * Steph
Soul-O * Tabitha
cjmullin * Christina
littlecityfarmer * Kaiter
traceround * Andrew, Benjamin, and Caleb
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Was the other thread getting too long?
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No, I am taking it over for Sihaya.
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Okay, I'll add mine now.

EDD: 6/23/2010...dd's 2nd birthday

Name: Tiffany

Age: 29

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): dh Matt, Samantha (10), Tevin (5), Cadence (16mo), our nearly 7 year old Siberian Huskey/Lab mix Casey, 9 1/2 year old beautiful tortoiseshell colored dsh cat Shasta, 6 month old annoying little black kitten Emmie, and 5 month old beautiful gray (probably)
Maine Coon kitten Chewbacca.

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): We're really hoping for a boy. That would give us 2 of each.

Names you like: Lucas Gerald is our boy's name. We're still discussing girl names. I love Isabella, Victoria, and Gabriella. dh has vetoed them 3 times. lol

Birth Plans/Preferences: I had my first dd via c-section. I did manage VBACs with the other 2 and hope to do so again. I am a hospital birth girl, but the one I go to has a lovely birth center in it and Children's Hospital is attached. I love it. This time I'm REALLY hoping to go 100% drug free. dd1 was a Pit baby, 2 doses of Demerol during labor, ending in an emergency c-section under general. With ds, I agreed to 3 doses of Nubain after about 13 hours so I could relax and have enough energy to push him out. The last time, I had a half a dose of Nubain. This time I want to feel confident that I can do it drug free. Considering hypnobirth.

Anything else you'd like to share: With ds, we ttc for 2 years. With dd2, we ttc for over 1.5 years. This time we had considered ttc in about 8 months. We were pleasantly surprised a little over a month after taking my Nuvaring out.
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Well, I'm on the list but I really don't remember filling this out! Preggo brain, maybe?

Wow, there are a lot of us!
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Originally Posted by desertgirl351
EDD: June 16
Name: Stella
Age: 26
Location: Sierra Vista, AZ
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, DD (3), DS (17m) Birthmom to DS (6)
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Not finding out and happy with either
Names you like: Haven't got that far!
Birth Plans/Preferences: Planning another UC.
Anything else you'd like to share: I'm measuring ahead but am pretty sure of my dates. So there is a slight chance I'm farther ahead. Or there is more than one, although I doubt that.
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EDD: June 27
Age: 32
Location: Washington State
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, DS1 (2-06-04), DS2 (2-11-07)
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): another boy would be great, or a girl...not getting a strong feeling either way.
Names you like: haven't even thought about it yet.
Birth Plans/Preferences: home birth or birth center with same midwives I had for DS2
Anything else you'd like to share: I love being pregnant and feel great! We're really excited about another baby. I work full time as a teacher.
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EDD:June 20


Age: 32

Location: AZ until February, then moving to MA

Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH - Chris, DS - Ethan (22mo), Furbaby - Velcro (cat)

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Based on the severe difference in MS, i'm thinking this one might be a girl.

Names you like: Samantha or Samuel, our shortlist is still in progress

Birth Plans/Preferences: I want a water birth this time but unsure on how that will pan out at this point.

Anything else you'd like to share: This preg was a bit of a surprise, considering we only DTD twice during my last cycle and my cycles are so long and unpredictable that I've never been able to chart. I'm still in the disbelief stage at this point. I don't think it'll really hit me until I hear a heartbeat on Tuesday.
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Hi everyone!!!

EDD: June 11th (This is baby #1 for us!!!)
Name: Kate
Age: 24
Location: Texas
Family: Just DH, 2 cats ("Mama" and "Neema") and 1 dog (who is our world ATM!) "Addie"
Baby's Gender: Based on timing, it "should" be a boy, and we have a feeling it will be.
Names you like: We have just started discussing this!
Birth Plans/Preferences: Midwife at a birthing center
Anything else you'd like to share: I found this site from christianfamilyplanning.net and have read a lot of great articles on here so far!
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EDD: June 20, 2010
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 29
Location: Constantia, South Africa
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): My husband, Darik, and my son, Rigel (2 1/2)
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): my husband and I are both hoping girl, although a boy would be OK too...
Names you like:
Birth Plans/Preferences: I'm hoping to have my first homebirth. I planned a birth center birth with my son but requested pitocin at 50+ hours of labor. Now I'm just looking forward to my first appointment...here they don't do the first until 10+ weeks.

Anything else you'd like to share:
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EDD: June 1st(ish)
Name: Marina
Age: 33
Location: NYC
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Husband (married in June 09)

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I'm convinced it's a boy, but we'll see how true the whole mother's intuition thing is, I guess!

Names you like: Names *I* like or names my husband likes? So far, we haven't made much progress in finding a name we both like.

Birth Plans/Preferences: Hospital birth with a midwife (whom I just adore), natural/no interventions (hopefully...)

Anything else you'd like to share: My younger brother died on Nov 5 this year, 3.5 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer (totally asymptomatic before that). I have PCOS and had been told that it would probably be a challenge for me to get pregnant (highly irregular cycles and unpredictable ovulation, to put it mildly), so I went off bc this summer so that I could start tracking my cycle and make charts and give myself a year of trying naturally before starting fertility drugs. I ended up getting pregnant after 3 months, a total surprise. I can't help but feel like this baby is something of a miracle baby, given to us to help find some joy during the coming months while we mourn my wonderful brother.
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EDD: June 20th
Name: Jessi
Age: 24
Location: Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Married for almost 4 years to Donnie and have on beautiful son, Q
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): We're both pretty convinced it's a girl.
Names you like: Taili Page
Birth Plans/Preferences: Planning a UC
Anything else you'd like to share: Being pregnant as an expat in China SUCKS. That is my only complaint. LOL
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EDD: mid June
Name: Aisha
Age: 30

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Married for 11 yrs to Ziad, we have a little boy Tariq 1 1/2 yrs old.

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Either way is fine, though I would like a girl.

Names you like: For a boy, my DH wants Jamil (after deceased FIL) and I want Abdallah. For a girl, I want either Suhaila or Fatima.

Birth Plans/Preferences: A "normal" delivery at the nearby gov't maternity hospital, Al Wasl Hospital.

I feel very blessed by this pregnancy. We had unexplained infertility for 9 yrs, then we found out I was pregnant while my father in law was in last stages of cancer, miraculously he lived to see Tariq for 5 weeks, then he passed away. 4 months ago, my mother in law suffered a severe stroke and I felt that all our ttc efforts would have to be put on hold as husband went into a grieving cycle for his mom. My mother in law is still alive but she is very much in a "vegetable" state and not likely to regain motor and speech functions. So the news that we had conceived despite very few "opportunities" and my continuous breast-feeding of Tariq has given Ziad and I renewed hope for the future. I'm sad though that our kids will most likely grow up without paternal grandparents.
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EDD: June10
Name: Sara
Age: 33
Location: Columbia, MO
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, DS (4 1/2 yrs), DD (2 yrs)
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): DH thinks boy, I'm not sure!
Birth Plans/Preferences: DD was a fabulous hb, am hoping it's an option again, but will only be if I can convince my insurance company!
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EDD: 6/4/10

Name: Katie

Age: 28

Location: Central Upstate, NY

Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Marc/DH, Colin (6)/DS, Talia (4 1/2)/ DD1, Keira (2)/DD1, plus a dog, 3 cats, and some new chicks in the Spring!

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): We'll joyfully take what we're given, but DS desperately wants a brother, and another boy would even things out...

Names you like: Leif, Liam, Alden

Birth Plans/Preferences: Natural birth in the hospital attended by DH, my Perinatologist, and 15,000 residents-- not ideal, but I have a prothetic heart valve and some other cardiac complications that make my otherwise healthy-and-normal pregnancies very high risk.

Anything else you'd like to share: This will be our 4th, and final baby, and I'm trying to be very conscious and appreciative of every moment. I would be much more appreciative if I weren't so $^!#@ nauseous and tired , but I know I'll feel better soon! After many long discussions with DH about family planning (he wanted to have a vasectomy after DD1 and after DD2, but when I asked him why he hadn't yet made an appointment, he said "I'm not sure that I don't want to have another baby." I very much did, and eventually, we agreed to TTC, and did so right away, as I seem to be blessed/cursed with the ability to get pregnant by thinking "Gee, I'd like to have another baby!" (which usually happens when I ovulate, so it isn't just me being kooky). Yeah!

P.S. I'll usually be posting in the middle of the night, possibly with a sleeping toddler on my lap...
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EDD: June 6th 2010
Name: Sabrina
Age: 23
Location: Edmonton, AB Canada.
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH - Adrian, Furbaby- Henrey
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): hope it's a girl, guess it's a boy!
Names you like: Ashton, Bridget
Birth Plans/Preferences: Drug free!
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EDD: June 25, 2010
Name: Ash
Age: 23
Location: Champaign, IL
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH - Joey, DD - Elani, DD - Genevieve, Fish - Simon
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I think it's a girl, DH thinks it's a boy! We'll find out at birth.
Names you like: Dexter for a boy, Beatrix for a girl.
Birth Plans/Preferences: Either homebirth w/midwife or hospital birth w/midwife.
Anything else you'd like to share: This is our third and last!
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Hey, All!

Congratulations to you! I look forward to sharing and getting to know you all over the next half year.

EDD: 6/29/10

Name: Amber

Age: 37

Location: Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Family: My husband is Jim; Kaleb, my son, turned is 8 years on 11/29/09; Chester is our Bull Terrier, he spins in circles and likes apples, a lot; there are fish and a very verbal outdoor cat named Isaac.

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I guess you get what you get and you don't get upset.

Names you like: Leela, Harley, Esme, Samantha, Magnum, Rodney, Desmond, Jack, Jehu

Birth Plans/Preferences: We're birthing at Home.
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Guess I'll jump on in

EDD: June 30, 2010

Name: Vallere

Age: 29

Location: Eastern NC

Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): My hubby P.G., son Ian Gray (4), son Zollie Isaac (2), and Anna Zophia, our little one waiting in Heaven, plus 2 dogs, a rabbit and a red tailed boa

Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Getting boy vibes again, but we just want a living baby this time and could care less whether it's a he or she.

Names you like: Malachai Abraham or Miriam A_

Birth Plans/Preferences: We're planning a homebirth this time after our 2 boys were born in a FSBC, hoping for another waterbirth.

Anything else you'd like to share: We had a loss back in August at 11 weeks. That's what I am now, but this time we've gotten to hear a heartbeat so we are very relieved...we didn't get to heat one with Anna because she passed at about 7 weeks, but I didn't miscarry till 11 - the same week we told family that we were pregnant. Because of that, we haven't told but a select few people this time and I'm really having a hard time connecting like I did with the first 3 - I guess that's a defense mechanism. But at this point, having heard the heartbeat, I'm trying to get back into the expectant, excited mood! I'm so excited to have a homebirth this time! Just concerned about family, as we had a HORRIBLE reception from my inlaws when we told them I was pregnant with #3, and then lost her the same week, so I am just putting off telling them till they notice I'm showing, and we absolutely will not be letting them know we had a homebirth till it's over.

It feels so strange to say this is our 4th...
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Hi, I'm hoping you could change my due date. I'm now due June 20, instead of the 13th.
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