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Where is my darn uterus already?

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I haven't started to "show" - just look "fat", which is normal for my first trimesters. But, I know that at this point with my DD, I could already feel my uterus in my belly. I actually felt and saw her move at 11 weeks (very weird, but true).

I'm either 9.5 or 10 weeks (depending on which method you choose) - where is that darn thing? I need to be able to feel it so I don't freak out about the baby not growing.

Can you feel yours yet?
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Honstly, I don't know what it feels like. Obviously later in pregnancy I know that big round hard thing is it. But now everything feels hard. I know it's not above my belly button at 8 weeks, though.
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I'm nearing 11 weeks and can feel mine *SOMETIMES*. I went in for a u/s two weeks ago and my uterus is just an inch or two below my navel already. But I have to be laying down, sucking my stomach in, and poking around in order to find it. :/ LOL.
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If I put my hand below my belly-button I can feel my uterus. My tummy down there just doesn't feel as flat anymore - it feels like there is a balloon inside me. I am only 9 weeks so I find this odd. This is my first pregnancy and I am tall and thin-ish so I thought it would be awhile before I noticed changes. I defiantly feel fat and bloated above the belly button though I already gained 5 lbs by 8 weeks so....

I wouldn't "freak out" until you have bleeding or cramping. Im sure everything is perfect
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DDC crashing (sort of...due May 30 and other LOs have come late)....

I am 12 weeks and just in the last couple days do I feel it regularly.
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I think so...I can sometimes poke around when lying on my back and feel a large round hard thing.

But then I manage to convince myself that I've just got gas and what I am feeling is the bloat from the gas.
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Mine is gigantic. Really gigantic. I went to get my u/s and there was this tiny little baby in this vast pic of blackness. Wow.
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I have been able to feel mine since 6 weeks...now at 8 weeks it is very obvious. But I too am on my 7th pgnancy and twins haven't been ruled out as of yet.

That being said, normal is the uterus moving above the pubic bone and into the abdominal cavity at approximately 12 weeks. Some say 12-14 weeks.
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I am only 7 weeks and very fluffy, but I "think" I can feel it just above my pubic bone. It might be wishful thinking though!!!
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I am 9.3 and I have felt it for at lest two weeks now. But only because my 1 year old steps all over my belly while he is nursing or bounces on me when he is 'in between sips' and it feels like there is a tennis ball that he is squishing LOL. Oh, and its starting to feel more like a softball lately. And I have been feeling the baby tickles for a little over a week now.
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I'm 12 weeks and I started feeling mine around 11 but couldn't always find it. Now it is quite obvious. Not that I'm showing or anything but I can feel it. I'm on my second pregnancy. I remember starting to feel it around 13 weeks with baby #1.
My midwife though pushed down on my abdomen and said 'ah yes there it is' when I was 8 weeks pregnant, so it's certainly possible with experienced hands!
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I'm 11+3 or 4,and i've been feeling and seeing mine for weeks when i wake up - full bladder and bowel plus lack of gravity all night always shove it up into my abdomen. Most mornings it's about a finger or two below my bellybutton. But once i've gotte up to pee etc. it subsides again. If i dig about during the day i can often find the fundus about 3 fingers above the top of my pubic hair. I have the dual issue of flabby tummy and loose skin (from having my last kid) which meas it's harder to find at times. I'm looking fat too, though in maternity clothes (i haven't been able to fasten my regular jeans for weeks!) i am just about looking like i might be pregnant.
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