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hilda marie's birth story/i gave birth to a toddler!

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Been MIA for a while! Trying to see how everyone's babes are doing such a sweet happy time for all.

first the current update:
Hilda Marie is being worn in her sling while I type this, she loves it and won't "let" me put her down. We had some severe bf challenges, especially the first week in hospital. She would scream and scream but not latch on without dropping some pumped milk in her mouth and after she wore herself down flailing about and shaking her fists. The lactation coach had to come EVERY SINGLE time I fed her. Then they gave me a shield in the nursery (not the lactation coach) which eliminated much of the screaming, but then everyone told me not to use it.. i looked it up and seemed like they were right. Then at the first pediatrician's visit, we learned a new hold (cross cradle) which clicked. No more shield, I can just pop her right on. Not sure that there are not other problems in the future, though. She likes to just get the nipple only in her mouth and i'm making so much milk, sometimes she's drinking rather than latching. BUT there's no screaming and tonsil shaking so we're both happier.
The birth story:
We planned on ncb. I read every single book i could find, Ina May, etc. Due date was 10/31, which came & went. Dr. kept saying the baby was big, around 9 pounds or so...
I ended up on bedrest for some creeping upwards blood pressure. That totally sucked.
My water broke on 11/2 at 6 pm. I phone the doc who knew our plans to have ncb, and he suggested we labor at home until I felt birth was imminent or I was having lots of bloody show.. well, our great friend who was being a doula came over and we sat around and had a good night, me, dh, and the doula... nothing ever felt like it really got going, though. I drank a ton of rrl tea and did acupressure, everything I could think of.
Went to sleep and the next morning around 7:30 called the doc who wanted us to meet him at hospital to get checked. Got there at 8:30, and I wasn't even 30-40 % effaced. He suggested a pitocin drip to get contractions going. I was pretty upset about that, as I wasn't sure I could handle that with no other drugs.. but they got it set up and it wasn't that bad. I was on the pitocin until around 8, they had it cranked up to the maximum they could do with no internal monitor (which they couldn't do with the waters broken)...
they checked me and i still wasn't effaced all the way. At that point my water had been broken for over 24 hours and the doc said we risked major infection as there was no telling how long it would take for labor to actually work... so there was a c section.
but it ended up being not that bad. recovery seemed pretty easy, the worst part was trying to get the bf going and the engorgement hurt much worse than anything else...
and when she came out she weighed TEN POUNDS even. (and they weighed her after she pooped, so doc says probably around 10/2!!!) My first baby! I'm afraid to even think about what will happen if we try again! she was the biggest baby in the nursery!
dob: 11/3/09
weight: 10 lbs
length: 21 inches
she's a girl!!!
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Congratulations!!! I hope the bfing continues to get better.
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Congrats on your baby girl! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Congrats! Enjoy your new baby girl!
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Congratulations on your little chunky monkey!

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Congrats! I felt the same way about giving birth to a toddler! My little guy was 10lbs 4 oz. I had a section as well, I'm glad your recovery is going well!!
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Welcome Earthside Hilda! Don't be worried about your next baby (although you should probably check blood sugars next time). My first was 9lb 4.5 oz (not quite as big as Hilda but big) and my next babies were 6lbs 7oz and 6lbs 10 oz (twins) and 7lbs 13.6 oz (singleton!). Every baby is different and grows at their own rate. I was SURE Mal would be at least 10 lbs, but sure enough he was a peanut. For me it was Gestational Diabetes, which I only had with my first. Big difference eh?
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