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Can someone explain BlogHer to me?

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OK, maybe I'm dense, but I've putted around a little on BlogHer but I still don't really get it. Do some women only blog on there? Or do they have blogs elsewhere and if they write a post they are particularly proud of they post it there? What is the point other than getting more exposure to your own blog and opinions? Or for those who just read, a one-stop-shop?

Katie Couric just voted BlogHer one of the most important new media outlets so it occurred to me that I am obviously missing something!

Can anyone enlighten me?

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I'm not entirely sure, but I have my blog listed at BlogHer and I use them for my ads. I know they are an on-line community for women bloggers and they support blogs written by women, but I don't know how the blogs they have directly on their site come to be. Since I'm part of their network, they put a link to my blog in a rotation that appears in a short list on other BlogHer blogs, in one of the advertising spaces. I get some page views through that. I haven't gotten involved in the community there, but want to poke around there some. Just haven't had the time, you know?
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Thanks - Oh, yes, I know! Not enough hours...

Can you tell me more about the ads? What process did you go through for that?
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At the time when I first looked into BlogHer, they weren't accepting applications. They did have an e-mail list and said they would e-mail when they opened up. I left my e-mail and awhile later (a few weeks, I think), they contacted me and said they checked out my blog and it fit in with their requirements. I had a lengthy application to fill out. I was accepted pretty quickly.

I don't know if they are accepting applications right now or not, but if not, get your name on that e-mail list.

And, you can still have your blog listed on their site even if you don't have BlogHer ads yet. I get most of my page views from my listing.
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I was accepted for Blogher ads and then when I read the contract, I chose not to use them

Just apply and read the contract VERY carefully.

I applied and then didn't hear from them for like a YEAR- then when I saw the contract, I was really disappointed.

You have to register with some traffic counting thing and you basically GIVE Blogher all your traffic- like you can't count it as your own, plus they limit the other ads you're allowed to run at the same time.

That said- I totally want to go to one of their conventions.
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Oh, yeah, just remembered I did sign up for that a loooong time ago! Wonder if they'll ever get back to me. My traffic is negligible so I'm guessing they wouldn't touch me. But maybe that's OK (Thanks for the heads up, Lisa).
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Originally Posted by lisarussell View Post
That said- I totally want to go to one of their conventions.
Me too!

I think next year's conference is in NY. I could possibly make it, but it will depend on a lot of things.
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I haven't signed up with their ads (I'm hoping to find individual sponsors that fit better with my content next year) and I've used their site a bit. There are groups that you can chat with and you can list your blog. As for their blogging, I've just c&p'd good posts over there. A blog I read does that which is how I got the idea.

I've already got my tickets for Blogher '10. So excited!
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I was at BlogHer '09 this year in Chicago. It was extremely overwhelming and the shear amount of STUFF that was there was crazy. I did make some good connections there and while it was beneficial, I won't be going next year due to some travel conflicts.
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I was looking into the conference in NYC, since I live in NY state... and it's so expensive! Conference registration, plus hotel. I'd love to go, but not for a loong time.
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Mamja - A lot of people shared rooms, even those that didn't know anyone prior to attending. BlogHer has a way for attendees to connect with one another and share rooms - some people even went in and stayed with 3 others that they didn't know so they had 4 to a room. A lot of people also get "sponsorships" from companies, etc - so when they are at the conference they are handing out swag or otherwise promoting their sponsor. Many people went at no out of pocket cost. I met several people that were sponsored and everyone was completely up front about the financial arrangement, which was nice to see.
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Mamja - I'm in upstate NY, too. I'm going to pm you.
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