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It's A Boy!!!

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I just found out on Friday that I'm having a baby boy sometime in June! After my and dh's initial shock wore off, we're very excited. I have researched circ for the last several years and am most certainly opposed to it. I told dh that having a boy means that we get to save one more little guy from circ. Fortunately, dh is opposed to circ as well because I've been filling his head with the facts for several years. Anyway, I'm so ready for family, friends and strangers to bring on the comments and arguements. I've got all the facts to back my decision up! BRING IT ON!!!
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Congratulations!!! Now go out and buy lots of masculine little outfits
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Hey, Congratulations!
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Yee haw!

Congratulations and you give 'em heck, Mom!

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Woo Hoo!!

Congratulations on your soon-to-be-born son!!

Now Go Git 'Em Mama!!
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Congratulations !!!
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Congrats to you and for keeping your little one intact, he will thank you one day
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Congrats to you! Little boys are soo much fun! Great "choice" keeping him intact as well. You won't regret it.

Take care,
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congrats on your intact-to-be baby boy
I have a 6 mo old intact boy .....get ready for fun
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My intact son is 6 weeks old. My family is very pro-circ so I know what you are getting yourself into! It is sooooo worth it, though.
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Woohoo, Congrats Momma!!!
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