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First Mondays would be good for us!
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I was told we can have a room Monday, December 7th from 10 am to 1:00 PM. Unfortunately we cannot have snacks inside the room because they have had problems with that in the past. I usually step outside with the kids for a snack if necessary (breastfeeding and bottlefeeding are the only exception to the food rules). Not ideal but at least the library is free and the weather is always good!

The room fits up to 60 people so if you know of any other moms who might be interested in a monthly AP playgroup, please invite them so we can get our mingle on.

You are welcome to bring toys and things for the children to share.

I need to walk on up to the library to get a list of the full rules. Hopefully they aren't anything too serious. I hope this works out it will give us all a free kid-friendly activity to look forward to each month!
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We could do first Mondays too. Sounds like a good plan!
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Mondays work great for us! (Up in Peoria I had a nursing group or a nursing group playdate on Mondays... it was great having something to kickstart the week.)
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Aww, bummer. I guess we'll have to wait until Summer to join in. I'll have 2 kiddos to bring along then.
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I can't make it the first Monday due to a Dr. appt, however any subsequent Mondays would work great for me! Will it be just this one afternoon, or every month?
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I scheduled the room for the first Monday in December, January, and February so we could see how it goes. If people enjoy it and want to keep doing it monthly I will continue to schedule them.

I am glad more people can do Mondays than weekends. Sometimes Dagny and I hang out in bed all day on Saturday and just play and snuggle.

Sorry we can't find a day for everyone.

So if we all have fun we should definitely keep meeting up. I know Dagny loves seeing the same kids over and over again. She is really attached to the kids I babysit already but she could use some new pals who she sees regularly.
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Looks like I'm out on this one altogether since I work full time. Have fun, mamas!
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I just wanted to remind everyone about Monday morning at Buder. If anyone needs directions, please let me know. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

Also remember the room will not have anything for the kids to do so if you want to bring something (indestructible) for the kids to play with , please do!
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Mondays are usually our do nothing day...however, Buder is close so we can stop by towards the end
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As of now we are planning on being there tomorrow. Looking forward it!
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Yay! Even if it is just a few of us it would be nice to get together once a month.

I am bringing a bag of wooden blocks and a bag of ball pit balls.
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Alright now we are out. Little one was up all night sniffling and is sick today.
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We'll be there after the baby nap and lunch.
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Sally, we left right before 1. Did we miss you? The kids were all MELTING down in a chain reaction. Everyone got tired and hungry. It is rough because we cannot bring food there.

The three year old I watch nearly lost his mind. Poor guy.
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Oh no Sally sorry we missed you! Thanks Jenn for getting this going. I think the room is great, it's a fabulous idea for these cold months! I hope more mamas can make it next month!
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We had a great time too!

My kids were happy as clams as soon as we got in the car and doled out snacks

Sally, did we miss you???
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Christian was mopey until I gave him a luna bar then he was pepped up.
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We never made it. Kiera's naps have been all messed up with this ear infection.
Next month, we're going to aim for morning arrival. She can get a little snooze in the car on the way there, and then maybe she'll sleep on my back or take an afternoon nap (she really needs two good ones, but lately it's been one quasi-one.)
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