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'Just wanted to remind everybody that besides Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year is also coming up (Feb 14th this year!). We're having some fun exploring that -- got a Karen Katz book out of the library that's a current favourite -- and we'll go see the Lion Dancers in early February.
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Originally Posted by heartmommyak View Post
Which one did you get? Is there anything to definitely make sure a laminator has when choosing one? I'm getting one for my birthday next month and am trying to decide on which one to order. I can't wait to get one to use!

Thanks to all for the ideas on storage and February ideas. I like the idea of doing a check of on skills learned every so often and filing that. You've all given me some good ideas.
i had a thread back in Dec about which one to buy. Will post more on Tue about it. I have yet to use it -- but i am so excited too.

i am going to lam some of their art ... like the leaves we painted and printed ... to use as bookmarks and to also send to grandparents and so on ...

in addition to lam art to save for their baby books and for their school foilios.

I have also requested the "50 goals" posted in the district pre-school (wher we do ST) -- it is on their recdruiting paperwork -- i want to check them off too -- cuz i am OCD like that
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Originally Posted by Momma Aimee View Post
I have also requested the "50 goals" posted in the district pre-school (wher we do ST) -- it is on their recdruiting paperwork -- i want to check them off too -- cuz i am OCD like that
can you post them?
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Hi! Jumping in here to sub.

I have 3 kids; 12, 10, and 3. With our older two we use a mix and match of different books that I've found and like although next year we are planning to use Oak Meadow.

Our youngest dd turned 3 in October. So far we've been doing alot of reading, coloring, and playing on Starfall. Today we started working on introducing a letter of the week. She's doing pretty good but then again it's only our first day. Dh has today off so he's spent the day working with her while I have been helping the others get back on track since we've some how gotten way behind schedule.

I was reading through the thread and saw that someone mentioned more starfall, in all our time using starfall I never realized there was a subscription site. Can someone tell me more about it? I took a peek and dh and I are interested in learning more. DD loves starfall so I'm wondering if it's worth the money for the subscription. For the first time dh and I decided to take $1000 from our tax return to use for educational expenses for the year and I really wanted to make this stretch as far as possible so any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm also open to any other suggestions you might have.
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Originally Posted by itsrtimedownhere View Post
can you post them?
when i get them I will do so.

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I've decided I like lapbooking after all, just have to be sensitive to which parts are best to do with DD, which I should pre-do. The next two weeks or so, we're going to lapbook through "I am an Artist" from BFIAR, focusing on basic art concepts, our senses and nature as God's work of art plus a brief intro to our responsibility for creation care... My sister just gave us some beautiful "creation tiles" (a Godly Play/Montessori-ish resource), so I think I'm going to try to learn how to present those as part of this "unit" as well. Other ideas: this to use on a nature walk, a poem about "What is Pink?," the Jack Johnson 3R's song, starfall's Earth Day stuff, a tie-in book called "Drawing Lessons from a Bear"...

I'm hoping this will segue into a lapbook on different ways to classify animals - that's kind of DD's obsession right now, but I already have this other one prepped, so I need the lead-time to figure out the animal classification one.
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Do you have a link to the creation tiles? I'm interested!
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One thought for anyone interested, dd loves to write her own stories and make books, so usually she just tells me what kinds of pictures she wants and I print them out on the computer for her to paste in to folded pages. She is currently writing a Pooh story with winter birds (cardinals, jays, chickadees, etc.). Also, I really can't recommend the magazine Your Big Backyard enough (it's from the National Wildlife Federation). It has simple stories, simple facts, poems, songs, etc. that focus on the season. It's very age-appropriate for 4-5 year olds. LOVE it!
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I'm still learning how to use the Godly Play materials, which are very Montessori-inspired, much like the Catholic Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, if you're at all familiar with that... The book I'm using for inspiration is Young Children & Worship. A brief blurb from that website: "Young Children and Worship is a program curriculum that presents a joyful way for children to worship God. It invites children and adults to experience the wonder and mystery of God through a unique storytelling format and multi-sensory materials. Young Children and Worship is designed for three to seven year olds but it can be used with people of all ages."

My sister is very artistic and painted some of these herself on ceramic tiles...
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I'm not sure if we qualify or not. I run a waldorf-inspired kindergarten/preschool from my home which my youngest daughter attends. My older three are in private school but we pretty much do "afterschooling" with them and suppliment their learning with handwork, painting, baking and nature study.
I'm always looking for new material, recipes, handwork and nature crafts to share with the children in my program. This week our theme is 'Snowflakes, Tolerance' and today we made a bunch of paper snowflakes.
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I'd like to join y'all....we're going to start moving into homeschooling and setting up daily routines and rhythems for our days. I'm definitely getting a lot of ideas from you guys!
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We are just starting to think about homeschool options for our three-year-old. We are both working parents but have the ability to "split shift" to make this work. Loving all the ideas and resources here!
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DD is so-so about "I am an Artist" - won't pick it for herself, but gets excited about it listening & looking at the pictures when I initiate reading it - has loved the little things we've been doing to pick up details from the book, like cutting an apple to see the star its core forms, using glitter after she paints with tempera... I may try making "dinosaur tracks" in playdough tomorrow...

But the book she's loved, that sends her running for her art supplies after each reading, has been "Drawing Lessons from a Bear," one of the BFIAR recommended tie-ins!
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BTW, it seems like this thread has a good amount of interest... Do you think we should make it into a monthly thing, so it doesn't get too long?
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Originally Posted by justthinkn View Post
BTW, it seems like this thread has a good amount of interest... Do you think we should make it into a monthly thing, so it doesn't get too long?
Might be a good idea
DD and I have been playing around with a few different ideas lately. Most succesfully we made a ballet (her reason to get out of bed each day ) lapbook. She's a tough cookie though. All I can say is thank goodness we were already planning to homeschool. She likes a bit of input but not too much direction, the balance is really hard to find. We've tried a couple of different outside activities lately and though she really enjoyed the actual content, they've all been flops because of the teacher/leader. Storytime at the library was going great (and I was enjoying too as in our new area it's normal to see a few two year olds breastfeeding during storytime whereas we stopped going to our old one 'cause I felt like a freak when DD requested milk at 16 months ) but they have a different volunteer each week and last week's volunteer was a little over-enthusiastic about "helping" the children with their craft. Suddenly DD doesn't want a bar of storytime *sigh* Oh well. I'm glad I'm learning how to cope with all this now, we don't have to register until 2012 so I've got time to work it all out...
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Question: at what age do you start letting them use the computer for learning? I'm hesitant to let my almost 4-yr old touch my computer, but simple mouse drills or starfall?? . . . and how much help do you give them while online?
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In answer to your question, akichan: if it's just getting them familiar with using a computer then one take seems to be not until their teens. They can pick up computer skills in no time at that point, and there are more interactive-with-the-real-world ways for them to learn things. I saw this in an interview with an educator explaining her private school's decision to keep computers out of the classroom. I'm interested to hear what other people have read, though.
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Is anyone else frustrated with the attitude towards preschool homeschooling? I'm getting a lot of negativity (mostly online) from people because apparently since I work with my son a few days a week I'm pushing him too hard because he's "only" 5. Do people who send their kids to preschool or K get this attitude? That it's taking away from their childhood or something?

We seriously only work a few days a week because he's at his dad's the other days. I mostly follow his lead, but I do do some parent-directed lessons. Sometimes he balks and doesn't want to do it and we either try again later or I try to make it more fun for him or sometimes even bribe him a little. Not with food or anything, just "if you finish this with me, we'll play an extra checkers game".

He picks up on things quickly and he's ahead in most areas (he's not gifted by any means, but he's quick to catch on and I provide him plenty of opportunities to learn) so I think that's where some of it comes from. That because he can already do some simple multiplication I *must* be forcing him to do worksheet after worksheet. I'm not. He actually picked up on the concept after I showed him ONCE and we practiced for 10 minutes and then he went back to playing.

IRL, people (non-hs'ers) are always concerned about socialization and quality of the education I can provide, but when I talk to homeschoolers, I feel like I'm doing *everything* wrong and I've even been thinking I should put him in school in the fall even if I don't have to.

Anyone else feel like this? I need a hug.
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You must be hanging out with the Waldorf crowd. Admittedly, this is the crowd I follow but personally would never shun someone for doing academic work with their children before 7. We are all individuals. What works for me and my children will not work for you and yours.

Follow your heart and listen to what it says. Just by your post I can tell you care deeply. That's the important thing. Try your best and realize you can't please everyone all the time. The important thing is that you please your child and yourself. Your son is very lucky to have a mother who loves and cares. For me, that's more important then any education that you may or may not be doing "wrong" by so-and-so's standards.

Personally, I started with Montessori homeschooling with my 4 y.o. I then moved to lapbooking. I then moved to Waldorf. I have seen my "sensitive" daughter flourish with Waldorf. But she has a lot of "complications" that she needs to overcome before we start academic work. I love her and she is working at her own pace. The fact that as soon as we started Waldorf she started improving tells me Waldorf is the way to go for us. Everytime I started pushing academics before we did Waldorf she would balk in unexpected ways. She would loose her potty training or start misbehaving. With her I have learned to take my time and do crafts, circle time, and lots of songs.

To tell you the truth, had it not been for her "high needs" issues I probably would be doing more academic stuff.

I'm also of the opinion that you can't ruin these kids for life as long as they are loved. I personally often need to remind myself of that.

Here's another
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