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Your average kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage? Anyone care to post theirs?? - Page 6

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Originally Posted by azmomtoone View Post
For DEC, 900 sq. ft. house, 3 people, gas heater & water heater... 14.94 kw hrs per day if I did it right? 463 for a 31 day cycle. Higher than the last two months because I've been home pretty much 24/7, along w/ the little guy, all month. And LOTS of TV, movies & computer time. (had surgery on my right foot
Dec 1st, so couldn't drive or walk)
About double that in the summer when we have the swamp cooler going.

(Our gas usage, on the other hand, was nuts last month....we need to seal!!)
Same as you basically, 1800sqft and 5 people, 16khw/day, but gas heater, water heater, and stove. No injuries to blame but DS1 has a major screen time addiction going on through the winter, and we haven't got a car. All our lights are incandescent. Not too bad at all, I'd say. Gas use was 3.57 ccf/day, average temp was 40F.
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We use (on average) 14kWh per day, or about 421kWh per month.

We have gas heat and use the A/C only during really humid parts of July and August.
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We used 489 in Nov., but that should go down for Dec. because we had our wood cook stove installed day after Thanksgiving. So, that is 16.3/day.

We were using Oil Hot Air, but also, I wash a lot of dishes by hand with water heated on the cook stove. That will save a little elec.

House is well insulated, good windows, and 1568 sq. ft. I watch elec. usage by keeping things turned off and running dishwasher at night.

I need to get that solar water heater figured out!
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This was eye opening. I've been reading this thread but never bothered to log on to my utility company's web page to see where we are at (we pay the same amount each month).

We have a 2,000 square-foot house and live in the Arizona desert. Everything is electric and both my husband and I work from home which means at minimum 2 computers on - sometimes more depending on what we're doing.

In the winter time we use about 40 kWh/day and in the hottest summer months it jumpst to over 80 - that is usually for July and August, though. My son has epilepsy and so we have to keep the house cooler than what is recommended to be more energy efficient - typically we have the AC set to 78 in the summer.
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I've been lurking on this thread waiting for my electric bill to come. And it's here!

So, a 2br apt, approx 750sq ft, all electric: heat, water, dishwasher, washer/dryer. SAHM with 1 child and we really are home a lot.

And this last month the average temp was 39F using 22 kWh per/day for 675 in the whole month.
November was my first month in the apartment: average temp was 42F and 26 kwh per/day for 865 in the whole month.

I'm not a super geek about my usage. I do turn lights and some things off when I'm not using them, but I've not done much about phantom loads or anything. I usually have my day time temp in 71-72, although the first month it was usually 73F. I have individual wall heaters in each room, so each night and morning I have to remember to adjust the heat. It's nice, but I don't always remember to turn all of them back down overnight. I do keep the room we sleep in at 68F all the time cuz we are only in there to sleep.

Also, 10 days of December I was out of town and left the thermostats at 60F to ensure just in case there was a crazy cold snap that my pipes would be OK. So maybe that accounts for all of the savings on this months bill, but I'd like to think not.

So I see I have tons of room for improvement here. But other than being more diligent about ensuring I turn all the thermostats down at night (I usually remember 2 out of 3) and turning off all electronics not in use I'm not sure what I can do, I already do CFL's. It is an all electric apartment, so maybe the posts I read weren't accurate comparisons? And I think compared to the previous tenant in this unit I'm rocking' it. My deposit had to be double the highest previous bill of $105 . And so far my highest bill was $88.
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That water heater was a major problem for you. You said 17 out of 37 was working. Water heaters have 2 elements in them. when one goes out the other has to do the job of both of them wich probably doubled or tripled its enegy consumption. When the other element couldnt take it no more and burned out too, no water but if not completely burned it still uses alot of juice. I think you chose the best option just replacing the whole thing. Dont get one of those electrocic ones though, they are crap, the boards burn out and you got another pile of metal holding cold water. I hope this helped. Gl2u :)

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We have a 600sf apartment, 3 people and our use has been about 2500 kWh per year. We had a dryer we got used as a gift and we used it some, now we don't have one as it broke and we didn't replace it and I'm curious if it will show in the electric bill. We have extremely cold winters and drafty windows get below 2000 kWh per year. If we were to get a (tiny) house at some point, we would likely use a bit more.


ETA: We have a washer, a dish washer, small fridge and tiny freezer, and two computers that get used a lot. No TV.

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