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Your average kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage? Anyone care to post theirs?? - Page 3

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I'm in Ontario. My bill just came in and is 11.10 kwh for the past two months.

We (4of us) live in a 900 sq foot bungalow with fully finished 900 sq foot basement. The only thing running on gas is the furnace. We don't have air conditioning or use fans. We have a dryer but don't use it. The mac is on all the time, the tv is rarely on (it's for dvd's only, no cable). I keep the lights off until the sun goes down.
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2 adults
1000 sq ft house, one level
Gas stove
Old house, but brand new windows

YTD is 8.7 Kwh/day. I'm quite happy about that!
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Originally Posted by UberMama View Post
Could be? We have electric everything, no gas.
How about your water heater? Insulation, set to a lower temperature?

I would do some sleuthing. Turn off absolutely everything, then go and look at your meter. Then turn things back on one by one and see what's using more power than you expect.
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Originally Posted by UberMama View Post
Last year, we paid $3.47 per kWh and this year it's $3.37 per kWh.

So for Oct '09:

Basic Charge10.00
Energy Use Charge
250.000 kWh x 5.12400¢12.81
717.000 kWh x 6.89900¢49.47
Transmission Charge
967.000 kWh x 0.21200¢2.05
Distribution Charge
967.000 kWh x 2.89700¢28.01
TOTAL: $102.34

Darn - our electric basic service charge is 16.21

My total usage for October was 291Kwh or 9.38 per day (1.70 / day)

I have a 1600 square foot house, electric stove, washer/dryer. No computers plugged in (I havent set that up yet). 1 adult, one child 4 furry animals. Drafty (getting insulation blowin next week).

Heat is gas.
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Our average use from 10/09/09-11/09/09 was 31.677 kwh per day. Down from our previous cycle-37.896. Maybe we can get under 30 kwh this month!

4 people, electric stove and water heater, 1000 sq ft house.
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Our last bill was about 400 KWH (for the month), we have gas water heater and stove so we paid about $27 for electric and $16 for gas. We have all energy saving bulbs, have not used any air or heat and all of our appliances are brand new and energy efficient.

4 people and about 1100 sq ft home.
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Here's our recent Hydro bill:

Aug 28- Oct 28
Basic charge: 62 days @ $0.12640/day - $7.84
Usage charge
Step 1: 1113 kWh @ $0.05910/kWh - $65.78
Step 2: 0 @ 0.08270/kWh
Rate Rider at 1% - $0.74
Innovative Clean Energy Fun Levy at 0.4% - $0.30
GST - $3.72
Total: $78.38

Our average daily comparison is 18 kWh, last year it was 16 kWh.

In August we used 25 kWh compared to the 21 kWh last year.

We do use our air conditioner more during the summer now that we have a baby. I try and keep all our lights off we aren't using, and started line drying in the summer, and hanging more clothes up indoors during the winter. We do have one computer running all the time because it's out PVR. I was going to ask DH if we could shut it off at night.

We have gas for heating and hot water and electric everything else. I think our house is 1200 sq ft?...I can't remember.
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So excited!!

Oct '08: 37.4 kWh
Nov '08: 35.8 kWh

Oct '09: 33.3 kWh (averaged out of 29 days of service)
Nov '09: 30.3 kWh (averaged out of 31 days of service)

We are doing a bit better! DH still isn't turning off his PC at night. I changed the settings on my laptop to make it go into hibernation mode after 20 min of no use. I need to get on DH to do the same! Otherwise, I am still sure a huge suck is the extra freezer. I am so tempted to unplug it. It's old, we only have a couple of things in it on average, though quite a bit of frozen juice. Ack!

DH is turning the heat on every 2-3 days for 20-30 min at a time (before I notice and turn it down/off). Even with socks and a shirt and sweatshirt, he is freezing. :/ It's 62 in the house at 1am, so it's not bad, just something he is adjusting too, I guess (last fall/winter we'd be at 68 right now).

Yay. So happy to see it even lower though. I am sure it won't be as low for December, since I am sure we'll turn the heat on here and there, where as we didn't for the most part in November (well, once it's over, lol).
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I just received my latest electricity bill. Our kwh/day is about the same - from August 10-November 10 we used 19.19 kwh/day. Previously (May 11-August 10) we used 19.98kwh/day. I'll have to work on lowering this!
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Last month we used

174 kw of electric for the month/about 6.3 per day (includes hot water)
14 therms of gas

We also have oil heat and usually buy between 200-300 gallons of oil each year

The gas and electric cost about a dollar a day for the actual energy and another dollar a day for all the fees and taxes.

We live in an old two-story rowhouse and are super strict about turning off lights and power strips.
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Originally Posted by UberMama View Post
It's weird, because some people have such a LOW usage compared to me and others are dramatically higher. I don't get why there is such a difference. I know there's differences when it comes to number of people in home, size of home, energy efficiency, etc. But that dramatic of a difference? Hmm..

I'm going to get better about turning off our power strips as well. :/
I'm sorry, i haven;'t followed the thread closely, but have you done checked your appliances? My sister had an old fridge that ran constantly that was exceedingly energy-inefficient, and it was killing them..when they got a new one, not even a nice new one, just a cheapo, but it made a HUGE differen ce..like literally, 1/3 of their electricity poofed!

We used 1000 kwh last month. total of $90. Which isn't bad at all, considering we have a heat pump and all our heat comes from electricity until it dips below 27 degrees. So, that $90 was all our electricity ANd all our heat. Our gas bill was a mere $13 worth of mostly fixed charges. So...$103 total for gas and electricity last month.

ETA: we are awful about usage. We live in an really old house, almost 90 years old, no insulation, crap old windows, etc. The house itself is about 900 sq feet,m but the basement is finished, which adds in another 900 sq ft, all of which we heat and use lights in, etc.
We have at least 4 TV's and 3 computers plugged in at ALL times, kitchen appliances, etc. We make NO effort to ration heat or hot water, etc. We do at LEAST 12 loads of laundry per week, minimum. (7 people, including 1 in CD's and a dh with a stinky, dirty job). Heck, my stepsons have half the downstairs to themsleves as their rooms, and I frequenbtly go down there randomly and find their lights are all on, even thugh the last time they visited was 2, 3, 4+ days ago....
Ya, we're bad. Really bad. But we're still paying almost nothing. *shrug*
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wow, I'm amazed how low everyone's usage is... our lowest is 28kwh/day and highest 45kwh/day, our home is 11 years old, one story 1500sft, gas heat and water heater, everything else electric, do one load of laundry/day, all cfls and we are usually hanging out together so only one room is on and just at night usually, no tv (although we have a htpc on which we play pc games together, it's all shut down when not in use, which is most of the time)... I just can't think how we manage to be so much higher than others? I rarely use the oven, but the stove top gets loads of use, our fridge is 8years old.

I'm so impressed others are so low and even manage to get lower, but I just can't figure out how to lessen our usage? The only thing 'extra' I can think of is we have a roomba, it's always plugged in... but that can't use that much can it? Or maybe it is the stove top... with six of us and all meals homemade it is getting used a great deal. We don't even have clocks plugged in, or a dvd player...??
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wow! Our apt is about 730sq ft, 2 bedrooms and at least 20 years old. I run 2 a/c's pretty much 24-7 in the summer to keep it about 80F. Our yearly daily average daily use is 15. Were usually running 2 computers 24-7, a 3rd is on during the day, plus a large up right freezer and fridge, we use gas for heat and water and all bulbs are CFL's. We average right around 400kwh mo.

Our lowest is 10 and our highest is 21 which is a record when I had both a/c's on 24-7 in August.
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Jealous of you guys that have 8c per kwh rates!

We lived in a 30yr old house, NON insulated, in semi tropical australia this time last year. Our bill was 600dollars for this time of year, roughly. The rate at that time was .14c kwh. I don't even KNOW how many kwh's we actually used per day as I don't have the bills anymore. In that property we had 2 air conditioners that got used fairly regularly in summer, same computers, electric cooking AND electric hot water. The biggest killer of that was zero insulation I think.

About 8months ago we moved to a brand new house (we rent) with gas stovetop, gas hot water (on demand so no tank) and insulated to the teeth. Our latest bill is 19.44kWh per day avg. Half way through the quarter our rate went up to .17kWh ... avg daily cost was about 3.56 for a family of 5, occasional air conditioner users, 2 computers running (although in sleep/energy saver mode at night), and with 6 ceiling fans on pretty much since the minute we moved in here in April . Our electric bill for the quarter ending in october (so over 'winter' such as it is here) was 350..gas for cooking/hot water was 100
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we used 15 kwh per day for this month which is down from 22 last year. our house is about 1800 square feet and there's four of us.

cost just went down to .1139 per kwh.

i actually feel pretty good about this but it would be nice to get it lower.
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I live in a 4 bedroom, two story house, about 2500 sq ft. We are billed bimonthly. Last billing period (hottest of the year - no AC, but plenty of fans running) we used 925 kwh in a 58 day period - that comes out to just under 16 per day. That was a high bill for us (around 3000 pesos, when the billing period before had been about 2000 pesos)We have two computers that don't get shut down as freqently as they should, but no electric heating or cooling other than fans. We use all low energy bulbs and try to keep lights out when not in use. Actually, this last period we used enough to bump us up to the level that the Mexican government considers "high usage" and we had a penalty on our bill. We should be down considerably on the bill we get in a few days, as the weather has cooled so much.
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Another thing is to turn your hot water heater down. I think ours is running on one element too which makes a huge difference. We also share baths with the kids and don't shower 2-3x/day like some people.
When I do dishes, it's one sink full of water including rinsing each day. I also use the toaster oven as often as I can instead of the full sized oven. But even so, we have an ancient (55yr old) oven/range which is apartment sized (24" vs 30" wide) so it uses less energy to heat up as well.
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Our 1956 ranch with crawl is 1500sf. I just got the bill today and we used 433kilowatt at 6.21 cents perkWh so our bill with all their little fees was 50.43.

It says our average daily is 16 and our average monthly is 589.

We have gas for the stove,furnace,and water heater.We also have a newer septic system with pumps,aeration,and alarm that runs all the time.

I like trying to get the bill down lower each time.This month it was almost a $1 more than last.I do the same with gas and water.Water is a tough one to get down.
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Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
Jealous of you guys that have 8c per kwh rates!
USA has very low electric rates compared with many other countries. (Though some states such as Hawaii can have 35-cents per KWH.) Good for the pocketbook, but higher rates would encourage more conservation.
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6 people in a 1500sqft house.... we average 25 KWH in the winter time... much much lower in the summer... not so many hours with lights on.

Thats with an electric stove, drier, and 2 computers that run 24/7.
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