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Anyone else love Trading Spaces?

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I do!! It is the one show my entire family can agree on.

GOOD: Frank, Genevieve, Amy Wenn, Laurie, Vern, Paige

BAD: Doug & Hildy

VERY VERY GOOD: Ty Pennington 'nuff said!

I cannot stand it when homeowners say they specifically do NOT want something done to their room & the designers do it anyway. DOUG! That irks me.

All in all though, a good show.
Two thumbs up!

Love, Jenny
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I *love* that show. It has actually inspired me to re-decorate most of the rooms in my house. Vern is my absolute favorite designer- he never misses, but Laurie, Genevieve and Hilde are also great. Did you see the celebrity issue with the Dixie Chick?
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YES! I am addicted to that show! I think I have seen every episode about 3 times! We don't even go anywhere on Saturday night anymore because I don't want to miss it!

My favorite designers are Laurie and Frank. They seem to give the homeowners more of what the "average" person likes! I would never let Genevieve, Hildy, or Doug anywhere near my house! Did you see the one where Genevieve put moss on the walls in a bedroom! Can you imagine how that smelled after a few days!

Oh, and Laurie is pregnant! Watch tonight's show and you will see her belly! Wonder if she is an AP mom?

Great show!

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I love Trading Spaces!!

Vern is the only one I would let near my house though...doug I would chase away with pointy objects...he does really crazy stuff!!
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I am a definate fan of the show. Vern is my favorite designer, but my favorite room was Genevieve redecorate a kitchen around the owners' blue glass bottle collection... it was breathtaking.

I cannot stand Doug... he's a hottie but a horrible designer. Hilde is a menace; did anyone see her put hay on the walls a few weeks ago? Yuck. Laurie and Frank are hit/miss with me. Yum to both Ty and Amy Wynn - I adore DIY folks.
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Hey, I watch it a little too much too! Sometimes just the last 10 minutes will do, I've seen most anyway.

Doug is insane...what about the room he made like a movie theatre? Would you like your family room like the local cineplex? I'm surprised they didn't majorly freak!

The show makes me want to paint all my old furniture, tear down all the old wallpaper and do art projects!
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Looks like Vern's the man . . . he's my favorite too.
The builder (Ty?) is pretty sexy . . .

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It's a copy of a British programme called Changing Rooms, which has been going for years. At first it irritated me because they copied everything, even the mannerisms of the presenter, but it's grown on me. I like both versions now.

There are some great episodes of Changing Rooms where the owners hated what was done to their houses - one in particular hit the newspapers with accusations of the living room looking like a brothel. (which I suppose it did, not that I've ever visited a brothel to check it out.) All very exciting. Well, I thought so, anyway!
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I love Ty...I fantasize about him making me shelves and an amoire

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YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! I watch it faithfully and am in fact getting ready to do a total redo of a couple of rooms in my house thanks to some great ideas on the show!

I LOVE the website too!!! (Although some people on those boards are rather shark like!)

Now If I could round up about 3 people who'd like to help in exchange for my help with their homes....
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I love the show too! Great ideas and its fascinating to watch professional designers really pull a room together. I can't stand doug and hildy, they don't make a look that I'd like to see in my house.
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Love that show! Even my kids know all the designers by name! I also can't stand Doug and Hildy (way too full of themselves!). Does anyone else find Paige really annoying? She really makes me cringe for some reason. I seriously love Vern and Ty!
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show!!

Hilde: drives me nuts! The worst was that room that she hung the fabric all around the room so that it looked like a circus tent, YUCK!!

I really like Frank and Laurie.

My friend and I applied to be on a Canadian show that does the same thing, except there are two carpenters. I am really hoping that they will pick us. How cool would that be?? I am not holding my breath waiting for the call though.
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Trading Spaces is my favorite show (well, tied with the Osbournes)

I like all the designers, but I have to say that Vern's stuff really makes me say "Wow!" when he is done. Like the Dixie Chick's room! Loved that one.

I like all the designers. Paige is a little hard to take. I love Hildi's heels and has anyone else noticed Laurie's wedding band? OMG, I love when the camera shows her rings!

Ty is gorgeous, no doubt about it, but then so is Doug. And I find Doug and Frank hilarious. How about the episode when the lady cried over Doug's design in her room? LOL, my husband and I were dying.

Yeh...safe to say I like Trading Spaces!
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Who is the moderator chick with skimpy top always bouncing around and touching other women's husbands on the show?
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We also LOVE this show!!! My kids and I often watch the re-runs during the day and then my hubby and I watch the new episodes on saturday night. Fun!!! I am the type who re-arranges furniture at least every month. I also would never want Doug or Hilde to do my room! I would choose Gennivieve or Vern. (nix the moss on the wall) My kids LOVE to pretend Trading Spaces. My three year old will say he is Alex McCloud (I don't think he likes Paige) and start humming the theme song and assign his little brother a wall to paint. Whenever I am rearranging a room or even cleaning up they will come and pretend to paint walls and sing the theme song. It is very sweet. They even like to watch Hometime with me.
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Love TS! I'm with you, though, BritishMum, Changing Rooms is the better show...I just wish they'd make it an hour long since we don't get to see so much of what's done till it's finished.

I saw that episode from L'pool where the couple got so upset...personally I think they went overboard, but then I think Lawrence is as close to perfect as a man can be! LOL!

On TS it's Hilde who drives me nuts...her attitude about the hay, and spray-painting the sofas (with regular paint, not even fabric paint!). She never, ever, admits she was wrong. Doug's just as bad, though...if he ever rolled his eyes at me the way he does at those homeowners I'd be stapling his ass to the wall and calling it "art".

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Everyone I know loves that show! I have a couple friends who are thinking about doing it. I'm so excited for them.
My favorite is Vern but I also like Genevieve, Laurie and sometimes Hilde. I don't like how Doug doesn't listen to the homeowners and I don't like Frank's designs. Amy Wenn and Ty are cool too. (it's funny how many ppl have a crush on Ty...my roommate insists that Hilde has a thing for Ty...tee hee)
I've also seen Changing Rooms (actually saw that one first since it is older) but I like Trading Spaces more.
Cool show!
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Never seen it, we don't have cable.
Do they have a website?
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Yes, TLC.com, then click on Trading Spaces.

Now for some new smilies...

Ty, I you!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled post!

Love, Jenny
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