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<3 month old teething?

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I think my daughter has started teething, and she's not quite 3 months, she will be in a few days. A few weeks ago, she started drooling and chomping on her fingers (not sucking, more like chewing). I just recently noticed the tiniest white spot on her gum, like the corner of a tooth trying to break through, and she's definitely been a extra fussy lately.
Does anybody have any advice on anything that might soothe her? She can't yet hold onto a teething ring or similar hard toy to chomp on (we have tried holding it in her mouth for her). The only thing that seems to help (really, with anything) is breastfeeding. She won't take a paci at all.
Any advice would really be appreciated.
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Z started teething around 2 months, I feel your pain! its hard when they don't have the dexterity yet to grab or hold things to help. We got one of those raspberry teethers (shaped like a paci) and put it in the fridge or freezer and would hold in it his mouth for him for short spurts in a day. It seemed to help a bit. Luckily by 3 months he was able to orient things in his mouth himself much better. For Z, his extra fussiness only would last a few days, then subside, and then return a few weeks or a month or so later (he's almost 5 months now)

I mostly let him chomp on my finger, he still prefers that over any other toy/teething ring/his own hands.
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DD started teething pretty much immediately and popped out 2 teeth at 3.5 months (2 more 2 weeks later). We had the same issues, but she was my first and I was totally clueless and didnt't even consider teething as an issue that early, not even when she went on (what I thought was) a nursing strike. Honestly, we held things for her all the time: teethers, wet washclothes, etc. But fingers were the preferred chew toy and she could bite down HARD!! She could also move her head toward something to chew on so sometimes we could put a toy on her bouncy seat for a mini break. Eventually she could get her hands up there, and then it wasn't long until she could hold things there to chew on.

Good luck... In some ways it's so hard when they're so little; but then I compared how my DD fared teething versus other children who got teeth older, and I do think that in general she was less miserable than the older children were. DD got all her teeth early and quickly, so at least the teething phase was over quickly.
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DD started teething right around 3 months and the ped said it was more common than people think.
Her first tooth broke through the day she turned 5 months and honestly she didn't even let on it happened. I just had her chomping on my finger and was like what is that. I thought she had something in her mouth. Her second tooth is about to break through and overall she has been really good about it.
Maybe it's better. Maybe when they are older they are much more aware of what is going on and therefore it is more painful
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The only thing that seems to sooth DS is chewing on his or our fingers. I rub his gums and let him chew on my fingers, and he really seems to like that. We have used Hylands teething tablets a couple times (just one since he is so little still), but haven't noticed a big difference yet.
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Well, this may be controversial, but my mother would rub our gums with a little bit of ground nutmeg when we were teething, apparently it brings down inflammation and dulls the pain.  My grandmother would rub a bit of whiskey on her teething babies gums to spot-numb them.  I haven't tried either of these on my teething 2 1/2 Mo. old, but the situation hasn't become desperate yet either.

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clove also numbs... you could rub ground clove on their gums. I bought pure clove oil and diluted it with olive oil. he hated it at first (4mo) but now (9mo) he doesn't seem to mind too much. I also read that allspice helps tighten the gums to help them cut through. I rubbed some on DS gums one afternoon and his first tooth cut through that night, but it could've been pure coincidence, the tooth was right there.

all that said, DS showed all the signs you describe at around 3 months... we were SURE he was going to cut a tooth early. his first tooth cut through the day he turned 9mo!
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