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The breastaurant is open here, too. And my nipples are so raw and hurt. I know they aren't really supposed to and know that I still need to work on a good latch; it is harder than I thought it would be!

I got weepy for the first time last night, over the pain in my breasts. I feel like I can handle everything else, even the pain from the unexpected c-section incision, but the breasts hurting are awful.

My friend reminded me I can call La Leche League for help if I need and I know that I can call the lactation consultant at the hospital, too. So. That's good. I think she's going to call me today at home, actually.

DH is home for another week and a half. He is very patient and helpful. I am grateful for that!! I feel like we are neglecting the house, but eh. And it's such an event to try to figure out meals for ourselves. Sheesh.

I am looking forward to the time when our babe looks at us with more alertness in his eyes, smiles, and can "play" more. This early time is tough...but I don't want to wish away the tiny-baby days, either! Motherhood is tough at first, no?
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yes, Cellist, it sure is. i've got one really raw nipple, and i dread latching her on that side. i keep telling myself it Will get better. do you have some lanolin you can use? i use lansinoh, and it really does help a bit. there are things called soothies, too. they feel wonderful on sore breasts.
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How are you doing?! How are you feeling? How are you handling motherhood? What's the best thing about not being pregnant anymore? Are you thinking of another baby yet?

I am 5 days PP and I feel pretty good. Completely exhausted, but ultimately I am so surrounded by love that it seems to be ok. Motherhood is not easy by any means. I have one of those dittle dattler eaters, and everyone wants to give me advise on how to deal with it. I am trying out different approaches people tell me and trying to combine it with my own instinct and what I know of him. Last night night was a good one. I feel much more rested this morning, currently I am just waiting until he is really outright asking for the boob without worrying about the time he nurses and the space between. Seems to be working and everyone is sleeping better. I even recounted three very clear dreams. Dreams seem to be where I am working out my emotions, as I woke up crying through a very intense dream last night.
In the dream I was not interested in having any more children, which is pretty much where DH and I stand after such an intense pregnancy and birthing experience, until my mom and I got in a huge fight and she disowned me. When that happened I started thinking I needed a bigger family. It made me realize that I am very satisfied with my family and don't "need" any more.. And ofcourse that could change...

The best thing so far about not being pregnant is being able to move around again. DH and I also cuddled and slept together why my mom held Cooper for a few hours yesterday. We havent been able to do that in so long. What a good feeling to be able to be through that part...
Keep the updates coming ladies, its so interesting to hear your situations PP. Everyone is doing so well...
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ExuberantDaffodil, yes, I have been using Lansinoh and the doctor told me yesterday another concoction of creams and ointments to put on to try to soothe the nipples. I am also insisting that the baby re-latch when he's not on comfortably and that is helping. He does go in with a wider-open mouth when I do that.

Seasiren, there is no reason you would need to have more babies! I hope your dream was just that and your mom wouldn't really care. It's not her life or choice anyway!

This thread has been helpful...thank you!

I have been having the weepies in the early evenings, but seem OK the rest of the day...anyone else working through that? It's so nice to have DH home to tell me to take a nap when that happens and to help with diapers, food for us, cleaning, etc.
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I have to tell you how messed up things are here. We have DD who sleeps in our bed, in between DH and I. Then when Kieran arrived, we decided it was risky to co-sleep with a pillow-top mattress (too soft), so I am now sleeping on the futon downstairs with him. Originally I had him in a basinette (the first night home from the hospital) and he choked on his spit-up in the middle of the night. From that minute on, I said "screw it- he is sleeping with me". So, DH, DD, and the dog are up in the comfy bed and DS and I are downstairs with the big TV, on the futon. I like it. Nothing beats waking up and seeing my baby looking at me...I don't know how long this will go on. DH might miss me eventually...
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for being so tiny, babies sure do have a way of turning the house upside down...
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I just woke up from the highest quality nap/sleep I've had since Friday, so I'm starting to feel better. I'm trying to stay positive with my older daughter; she's thrilled, but it still isn't easy for her. The best thing about not being pregnant is lying on my back. I have absolutely no desire to ever be pregnant or give birth again, ever.
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kaine is a week and 1 day today. i was thinking "wow this is so easy" and a few more days went by, i'm saying to myself, "i dont know why people say this is hard", and THEN 2 days ago he began staying awake for longer periods of time. he naps about 2/3 hours, wakes, and stays awake for a good 4/5 hours. today he actually managed to stay awake for an entire 7 hours, nearly going on 8 hours! i get woken during the night numerous times to every little squeak and grunt he makes too.

he also can turn to his side all on his own. i thought it took babies a little while to get the hang of this but he's really good at it! he flairs both of his feet in the air and wiggles side to side until he is on one of them contently. i have no idea if it's coincidence or not but it is really adorable to watch.

i can't wait to start seeing him smile whenever he see's mom or daddy though, or laughing. i know that's still a ways off but i keep smiling and giggling at him as much as possible to try and get him to catch on.

i have my moments where this whole situation feels awkward, but it's only because i'm use to it just being me and DH. we're all adjusting well and i am so in love with our infant .

just updating on our lives here. hope everyone is really enjoying their newest family member.
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we are 17 days PP and things are going pretty good. breastfeeding has gone vey well i think. no cracking or bleeding. lots of pain at the initial latch but it goes away after about 10 seconds. getting her latched properly, no matter what, seems to help the most. i was told to get some cabbage leaves and freeze them, wrap the breasts in them and then put on a bra, or tank top for engorgement. so that might help if anyone is having issues with that. my girl is a night owl. she sleeps pretty good during the day, but at about 7 pm she gets wide awake and can last anywhere from midnight to 3 ish. this has been my biggest struggle. i am 10-12 hour kind of girl, so staying up all night is new for me. she also sleeps best right on my chest, and that seems to be the only way i can get any sleep in either. i try to put her on her back, propped up in the boppy but she wakes up after about 30 minutes. she will sleep on me for about 2-3 hours. other than that things are good. ihad some major weepy days the first week. tears of joy and love. i never thought i could love my family this much, and i have so much more respect for my husband and myself now it is just awesome. and of course the new babe! the house looks like shit but that is something i just have to accept. it's not going anywhere and i will get to it when i feel like it. so thats my update. off to BF
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two weeks and one day and I'm still bleeding .... anyone else?! How long will this go on for?
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I'm on day 11 and am still bleeding too. I figured it should have started slowing by now (I really don't remember how long it took w/ DD) but it's still coming steady. I'm a bit paranoid about it since I had the retained placenta issue, but am monitoring it carefully for warning signs of infection, etc.
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still bleeding at 14 days pp...just when it shows signs of slowing I get another gush. I *did* buy more pads last night and I'm hoping not to need them. I'm chalking it up to having two toddlers and a newborn - I was told that not taking it easy results in slower healing
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still bleeding at 10 days postpartum. not near as bad as a couple days afterward but ya it's still coming.
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I thought you could bleed for up to 4-6 weeks. I don't think any of us need to worry yet unless it is really foul smelling or a LOT of blood. Apparently if you start soaking more than one pad every hour or two, time to call the doc or midwife!
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I am too Carrie so dont feel like its just you.....it not as heavy but somedays its more than others.....just thought I would share...

boys went to the drs today.....as expected they lost some weight so we really need work on getting them fed every 2 hrs and keep em bundled but otherwise all is good!!
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I though I'd check back in with you guys as well. I am still alive, life has just been harder than during pregnancy on me.

We are almost 4 weeks postpartum and life has been crazy. Breastfeeding just stinks, I am in constant pain, both my nipples are cracked and sore, that I spoon feed, when I cannot bear the pain any more. I have had a major mastitis, we had newborn jaundice and where back in the hospital for it. And now we are discussing to cut his frenulum, in the hopes, that it might help with my pain... and I need to be back at work on Monday... *sigh*

My grandmother died 5 days after birth of her first great-grandchild. My other grandmother is in the ICU and things don't look to well. My brother got the swine flu. My husband could only take 2 days off from work.

However, I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight
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Originally Posted by belltree View Post
I though I'd check back in with you guys as well. I am still alive, life has just been harder than during pregnancy on me.
I'm so sorry you're having so many issues at once! Keeping you in my thoughts...
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belltree -- many hugs! Have you been able to see a lactation consultant? I went to one who wasn't overly helpful, so I went to another one who really helped adjust the latch so breastfeeding isn't as painful.

I'm sorry so much seems rough right now. Know that we are here for you if you just need to talk/vent.
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First off . . .to any mamas having BFing issues . . .I am no LC, but I have had real issues with 1/2 of my children and I know how horribly trying it can be. I am extremely stubborn so we eventually succeeded. If you ever need a cheerleader, PLEASE PM me.

I am 5 days postpartum now. In some ways, the change is not as drastic as I thought it would be . . .though I am guessing it is bigger than I realize. Nursing is going very smoothly (I have been lucky with my last 2 children in this dept.) That is a huge help. I wear the baby in a wrap most of the time (unless my older children want to hold her) so when I do that, life is pretty normal. She has been sleeping well most nights-- nurses, goes back to sleep. I know not to count on this, though!

I think a few things are hard right now but they were hard pre-baby, too. I am tired/not quite as motivated with my job in the evening (it's an at-home/online job) but I am keeping up. I get overwhelmed with my 4 y.o. She needs constant organized activities or she teases, whereas my 7 yo and 2 yo do not need me to direct them all day. If it weren't such a hassle to take her to preK, that's where she'd be. The best thing is when we are out of the house, but right now I'm too sore for our usual all-day outings, the weather is going to get bad soon, and indoor places make me worry about H1N1 so . . .I'm quickly running out of ideas.

Anyway, baby 4 was a surprise (we had decided we were done) but when I think about not having had her, it makes me so sad . . .she is really such a blessing. It's amazing how quickly you can love someone so deeply!

Hugs to you all.
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Mizelenius -- you can cheerlead me and my breastfeeding if you want. I know it will get better. And so I will stick with it, but by the end of the day, I am so freaking exhausted of having her at the breast. It's like I feel, "Oh lord, not again!! *sob*"

And I know what you mean about the 4 year old. My 5 year old requires lots and lots of attention and guided activity. I am trying very hard to keep up with him so that he doesn't feel replaced or overlooked now that the baby is here.
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