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Emotional, anyone?

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I'm 3 1/2 weeks postpartum and still cry at nothing ... when are these hormones going to settle down? How's everyone else doing?
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I'm close to 6 weeks PP and I'm better, but I was weepy still at three weeks. I think it is pretty normal to be weepy still at 3.5 weeks. Does it feel as though you are weepier than a week postpartum? How are you sleeping? There are some PPD self tests out there to help you decide if the problem is beyond baby blues. Here is one.

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I think I have PPD, can you have it this early? Not sure because I am having a better day today. Past few days have been nothing but crying and losing it.

I bought some Inositol. I haven't used it yet because Im not sure if it is OK with nursing. Its my emergency for if I am feeling hopeless again.

The weather is gloomy, I am dreading a long winter being stuck in the house with my 2yo who is already stir crazy.
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Yep, I am still emotional here. I can get weepy if I start talking about dd#2's allergies or if dd#1 sings to dd#3. Also, I can get a little funny feeling around dinner time, which has always been the worst time of day for me. I also had a slight anxiety attack on Tue night (my mom left on Tue so I think that had something to do with it). I also just feel funny sometimes. I definitely don't think I have PPD, I know that everything that is going on is just my hormones readjusting and I am certainly not as weepy as I was 1 week PP. I can tell that I am getting better, I am much more relaxed and am making sure to shower early in the day and get outside almost everyday.

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I'm a little weepy. More of the happy emotional weepy stuff though and if the kids freak too much I get panic attacks. I have had severe PPD in the past but I think i'm just having normal postpartum emotionalness at this point. I think it's pretty normal to still have the weepies for the first month, but if it gets worse then it's time to talk to someone. With my DS I just got really mean to my partners, i've been getting that way again this time, but I've been pretty good about being nice when I have an issue with something they've done (or not done).
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it doesn't help that you're overtired and you're not getting a full night's sleep in one sitting. i know that's a big thing with me - not a full cycle of sleep plus not getting enough daylight. i worry about PPD too.
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