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MS Gulf Coast Birth Options

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Hey ya'll,
My little sister lives in Gulfport and just found out she is surprise pregnant. I would like to support her as much as possible and help her find the best care providers. Are there any midwives (home or hospital based) on the coast? Any recommendations for OBs? Also, are there any non-hospital based childbirth education options and doulas? Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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there is Renata Hillman in Lucedale, MS. She seems pretty experienced and I will probably be using her for my next baby. Here is her website:


Hope this helps
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Renata was my midwife for one of my homebirths and I used a different midwife with my second homebirth...if you would like her information you can private message me.
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Anyone have any info on the nurse midwives at Garden Park Hospital?
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there is a homebirth midwife who lives in gulfport and practices with a midwife who lives about an hour away. pm me for information-i've used them for all my births
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and there is another midwife who comes to that area from mobile, al. haven't used her, but would recommend her also.
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I know this thread is kinda old but my husband is military and we were just transfered to Biloxi MS and I am looking for info on midwives in the area and so far have only been able to find Renata Hillman and we would like a few options?? Can anyone help?


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I just read your post and have information on the midwife you mentioned. If you would like to private message me I would gladly give you information.


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I was wondering if I could get some homebirth midwife info also. I decided against the miswife group at Gardenpark. Also, is there a ballpark price range. I have no idea what thingsc ost for homebirth but i assume insurance covers nothing.

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Gulfport/Biloxi    Birth Center in "The Bay" next year.


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I ladies, I started this thread a few years back when my sister was preggo and decided to chose the exact opposite of what I recommended or would have chosen myself.   But thank you for all the input.  Now my BFF from high school is trying to get pregnant and getting no help from any of the nurse midwives or MDs on the coast.  Any advice for people I can refer her to?  thanks so much!

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