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mucus plug Q

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what did your plug look like?
im thinking im loseing mine it looks like i blew my nose in my hand no blood but it has white flakes in it?
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mine came out slowly. most of it was small dark brownish pieces, but the much larger bits did not have blood and did resemble snot... lol. not sure about the white flakes? maybe just residue?
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im thinking it might be just discahrge mixed in maybe?
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white flakes could be vernix. There were white flakes in my amniotic fluid that were vernix - I see no reason why there wouldn't be some in the plug. And, yes, mine looked like snot, too.
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I just got on to ask the same question, glad you beat me too it!

I've been having the same thing since yesterday, it looks like snot, no blood or white flakes though. I'm hoping I've dilated a little, guess I'll know when I go to the docs in the morning!
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hehe im going to the doc tommrow too hes going to strip me!
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Mine was very snotty. Only a little blood in the beginning, but later on there was much more.
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just saw this...and you need to check with your provider IMHO

I see you're going to the doctor anyway today--if it's this afternoon you might call and see if they want to see you sooner if the "white flakes" continue. The mucus plug is like snot basically--like bloody snot if you're having "bloody show" also. But white flakes sounds like vernix which should be in your amniotic fluid but NOT in your mucous plug. Any fluid leakage, etc.? A high leak in the bag of waters can "seal itself" (the baby can cover it, that is)...

Although your white flakes might be my snot, KWIM ?

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Originally Posted by shakenbake View Post
hehe im going to the doc tommrow too hes going to strip me!
Lol mine wants to strip me too, hopefully I have actually dialated to that he can!
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Mine seemed to be preceded by a couple big white/clear mucusy blobs and then turned into a yellow snot with blood in it...best to you!
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How did your doctors appointment go? Mine couldn't strip my membranes because my cervix still needs to soften more, so he told me to go home and have sex everyday, he even offered to write a note telling my boyfriend this(like he needs convincing!). So hopefully something will happen by next week!!
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mine didnt strip me ether said he couldnt get his "fat" fingers in there I CAN! hes just rude! he told me sex walking nothing is going to do anything to just wait GRRR
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WTF? How could his finger not fit if your 2cm? I guess we are both stuck waiting for another week. I'll try the sex thing hopefully it will work cause otherwise I might go insane!
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nope i had my DH strip me! its not that painful! but nothing yet
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Hopefully that will work! If I asked my boyfriend to do that he might throw up Hes pretty grossed out by most things having to do with birth!
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so is my DH it was like DO IT! he was like i cant feel a hole OMG WHATS THAT! his face was priceless its like that my baby is the head of our child!
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so im haveing lots more snot like discharge and my dh said he can fit 3 fingers in heres hopeing!!!!
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Yay!! Hopefully this will be it for you!
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