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I gave birth a week ago. It was a natural HB. The baby had shoulder dyscosia. I had to get out of the pool while her head was out and get on hands and knees to push her out. Of course afterward my bones down there were/are very sore. It is not bad most of the time and in general is improving, but one thing is worse. When I have a bowel movement it is absolutely excruciating. It feels just like the baby's head is moving down. Huge pressure on mostly my tailbone that then radiates thru the whole area including my lower abdomen. The pain is so severe, really like reliving the birth. I am left shaking and weak.

This did not happen (or at least was much milder) the first couple of times I had a bm, but has gotten worse the last two days.

The only info I can find online says bruised or broken tailbone may cause "discomfort" with bm especially if constipated. I am regular, and in fact the worse time it happened was yesterday and it was diarrhea. Sometimes it does it to a less degree with I pee and also get waves of it throughout the day like I feel it "coming down" but then after the bowels are empty I don't get it.

Anyone else relate?