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What week do you/have you felt movement?

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Just talking about little flutters that you know are the baby not big kicks or anything. Also do you think your weight plays a role on when you feel movement? Im asking because w/ my DS Id already felt little flutters and now with this pregnancy I am alittle over 20 lbs heavier than with DS and I havent felt a thing
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I'm not sure if weight plays a part, but my subsequent pgs have all had movement (flutters) toward the end of the first trimester. It was by 12 weeks usually, I believe.

That being said, my dd#3 had an anterior placenta, which meant that it was at the front of my uterus. I felt a LOT less movement with her pg, and I found that difficult compared to my others. It cushioned the movement a lot. So it could just be that, or your little bean is really still so small that perhaps he/she is snuggled down facing your back.
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I felt movement with my first at 16/17 weeks. My second was around 14 weeks but I had an anterior placenta with him so I may have felt it earlier...who knows. And with this one- I swear I have felt movement already. I'm a little over 9 weeks. Maybe I'm dreaming but the area that I'm feeling it is exactly where the bean is.

I love feeling movement- it's the only thing that gets me past this all day sickness.
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I am 12 weeks today and I swear I've felt movement for the past week or so. Of course this could very well be gas, but this is my third pregnancy and I know what flutters feel like
Its reassuring and never ceases to amaze me what a miracle pregnancy is.
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I also swear I've felt movement- and I'm 12w today.

I don't remember feeling my DS move until around 20 weeks, but it's so hard with the first pregnancy because you don't really know what to look/feel for!
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*high fives" Luv my babes and kbcain - I'm 12 weeks today too!

With DD i felt her around 15 or 16 weeks, but i was 17 weeks before i was SURE it was her i was feeling.

With this one i think i felt something at 10+5, but it felt like a tiny nudge to me, but as if bub had managed to brace against both uterine walls and shove as hard as it could. I have felt the odd flutter since but TBH because my bowel and uterus overlap i tend ot realise 15 minutes later, when i havent' broken wind (Yeah BIG TMI, but this is a birthing wbsite, right? ) that it was probably the baby i'd felt. I'm looking forward to feeling it more and more from now on
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It was 21 weeks with my first and 18 weeks with my second. I write off anything I feel in these early days to gas becasuse it is so plentiful
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I'm on the late side, too.

#1--24 weeks
#2--20 weeks

I'm not even at the point where I can imagine movement.
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I don't remember with DS, but I felt with this pg around 9 wk 5 d. I know that sounds early, but it's a REALLY distinct twitch in a really distinct area. NOTHING else feels like that!
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i'm almost positive i felt a flutter last night.....at 10w2d. I was about 14.5 weeks with DD when I first felt her.....but i'm much more aware now than I was with her.
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I'm 11 weeks 3 days and I know I felt movement, tiny flutters, atleast by 10 weeks. I am so much more aware now with this being my third pregnancy and no other feeling is quite like it.
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With DD I felt movement around 18 weeks. I'm anxiously awaiting to feel this little one!
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I want to say it was around 11 weeks with DS. He was a really active baby and still is! I think he bruised my ribs from all that kicking! I'm 10 weeks currently with this LO and nothing yet. Although I swear I can feel the heart beating on occasion.
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I felt it about 13 or 14 with my first same with my second, 11 weeks with my 3rd (thought it was gas, but had an ultrasound at work and figured out that what I was feeling WAS actually her) and I keep thinking I've felt movement this week (I'm 9 weeks) but it is probably gas
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