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Any moms residing in Lebanon?
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i am living sida lebanon, email me and hopfully we can meet up i really need friends here

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I wish I was living in Lebanon! I did one year nine months in Syria, married a Syrian man, and he wanted to come to the states to study... I ache to go back! Yes, hypocrisy, racism and bribery are everywhere, but there is so much to love.


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I'm going to be there for about 3.5 weeks starting next Wednesday. Anyone want to get together in Beirut somewhere?

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I am in North Lebanon, pleased to meet you smile.gif


Planning for a homebirth, will be recording my milestone in my website 


An intro about me is included in this post that i started: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1366018/books-for-homebirthing


Kindest Regards



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