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The ddc's are archived... sometimes I go back to my old ddcs, but I always get the sniffles (one of my dd1's ddc members passed away and it's still emotional for me).

I really need to find the camera. Any ideas? I've torn the whole house apart and just cannot find it! If you were 2.5 or 4yo, where would you have out it?

I rearranged the sleep space today (looking for that camera!) and hope tonight will be smoother than the past few. DD1 and 2 share a subling bed while DH/DS/I share the queen bed (same loft space). But dd2 keeps climbing in with us because dd1 is a pretty violent sleeper. But then dd1 wakes all upset because she is "alone". so tonight I'll share the double with ds while dh shares the queen with thte girls. Wish me sleep.... I'm waaaaaay past tired.
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I love seeing all these pics. Jules is a heavy drooler too. He was so cranky lately and I started adding fennel to my nightly relaxing tea, and cut out onions and, no more crankiness. Since he has been less cranky, he is sleeping better too. He only woke up around 3 or 4am to nurse last night after going to bed at 8:30. Woohoo!

Off to find the camera too...
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I just saw that our due date club closed and I had to go searching for this thread.

I'm so sad that it's gone
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Everyones babies are so cute! As soon as I figure out how to post pictures up somewhere other than facebook I will post some of Asia...

By the way, I either have the worst cold of my life or I have swine flu. Really worried about little asia..
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Wombat, I wish I could figure out how to rearrange our sleep space w/out spending $$$! We have a crib mattress up next to our king sized bed which DS1 won't sleep in at all and DS2 will only sleep in if we sneak him in there after he's asleep. Even if one of them would sleep there it still would leave me w/DD between the two of them, w/DH on the outside because DS1 still falls out of bed if he's on the outside :crazy And she's rolling now so we need to be on the inside . . . the real solution would be a twin or double so that our bedroom would be wall-to-wall bed, but we do not have the $$$ for that . . . I'm so frustrated with this situation!
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Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
What a perfectly lovely large family!! Love it.
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How did the sleeping arrangement go wombat?

Get well soon Lacry!

We're doing the sleep shifting too. We bought DS1 a new bed so DS2 gets his old bed and we're getting rid of his toddler bed and giving the crib mattress to dd so we can set up the crib. She really seems to be content sleeping in her own space and like DS2 I feel like I'm interrupting her sleep so we're gonna set up a sidecar with the crib. It worked like a charm with DS2.
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How funny! We're re-arranging our sleep space too!

Campus housing provides the bed, but it's a full size mattress, so we're in there pretty tight. And since Addie isn't nursing very often I've started putting her in a little sleep space next to the bed. We have a crib we intended to side car, and it's set up, but Addie needs to be propped up or she has terrible reflux. So if she's not propped up on my arm and pillow she's in her glider and sleeping soundly.

Is everyone getting ready to travel for the holidays?

DH has class on Wednesday night (as do the other grad students) so we invited all his classmates and co-workers (only like 12 ppl) to come over for T-Day. It's my first time cooking a holiday meal for anyone but me and DH so I'm pretty excited. Then in two weeks, Addie and I are flying to Colorado and DH will follow us down after finals. I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve, so it's pretty amazing to be approaching that one year mark.

Today I was changing DD's diaper and mentioned to my hubby that if anytime I had an empty stomach today I got a little nauseated. He stammered and sputtered and finally said (in an excited way): "Are you pregnant?" Hah! I doubt it, and so does he, but neither of us would be disappointed if we didn't end up spacing the kids out as much as we planned.

I'm going to go check out the activity on the other forum. To anyone who celebrates: Have a great T-Day!
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Aww, even more pics. I love it! Sounds like everyone is doing well, and Wombat, sorry you can't find your camera. I have no idea where a child would hide it.

My LO turned 13 weeks yesterday. I think that is technically 3 months. He was a bit over-stimulated all day yesterday for some reason. He just did not want to fall asleep for the life of him. He fought it all day, and when he did it would only be for like 30 mins. Not sure what is going on there. I know it's not gas, it's like he is just over exhausted. He even cried in my arms (tears and all) for like 4 minutes in the afternoon. That almost killed me and he wouldn't even take the boob, he was so upset. Then he didn't actually go down for bed until 10pm. He is normally down between 6:45 and 8pm. Anyhoo, not sure what milestone is going on in his world, but I think it had all of his attention.

Here is a cute video of him giggling in the morning, though.
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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!
We've had a rough few days...DD2 was sick for a bit last week, I got an ear infection which has turned into a sinus infection- thankfully the antibiotics are kicking in. DD1 got sick over the weekend, and ended up in the emergency room Monday night. She had a high fever and a BAD rash that only got worse after I gave her some Benadryl. Her eyes were soooo swollen that she couldn't see very much and she complained about her whole body aching so much. The er doc said it was a virus going around. Sure enough, yesterday she was fine- no fever, and the rash was getting better. Her eyes are still swollen today, but not anything like Monday night.
The good news is that we found a library DVD that we lost over the summer! Yippee! It's ours now since I paid for it in September.... but I'm happy that we found it. DD1 had actually hidden it with about 20 other CDs and DVDs in a "secret hiding spot" that my DH discovered last night. Gotta love 3 year olds!
DD2 is rolling around like crazy... tummy to back, back to tummy, and she is soooooo interested in everything DD1 is up to.... she watches her constantly. It's fun to watch them together.
Hope all is well with everyone else...
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Hi, I have removed posts that were promoting MDC-spin-off sites or referenced a post that was. Please understand that we don't want to lose anyone to a spin-off site, and we understand that it's difficult to see a DDC close. Communication about a spin-off board needs to be taken to PM, please.

We encourage members to create their own support-only tribes (as y'all have done), and soon, we expect to have the ability to have a new feature where those interested can start their own dedicated group. In the mean time, please do not post to promote your own site as this is considered advertising/self-promotion.

Please PM me, abimommy or either of the wonderful LWAB moderators (wombatclay or annettemarie) with any questions. Commentary about MDC policies is not appropriate to be posted to this thread and will be removed. Thank you for your cooperation!

Concerns, constructive criticism and questions of clarification regarding the User Agreement or moderator and administrator actions are best addressed directly to the moderator or administrator by private message or personal e-mail. Please do not post on the board to debate, criticize, argue or challenge the MDC User Agreement, the moderators, administrators, or their actions.
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Whoops, it seems most of my responses were deleted because they contained that forbidden info. No criticism, I'm just trying to remember what else I said, lol! I can't wait for that new feature! We can have our own group again and not one long thread. Yay!!!

Here are Jonah's recent pics again:

One and three month comparison: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13944566@N07/4133760759/

Tummy time: http://www.flickr.com/photos/1394456...n/photostream/

All dressed up and tuckered out at my brother's wedding: http://www.flickr.com/photos/1394456...n/photostream/

Cute cute cute: http://www.flickr.com/photos/1394456...n/photostream/
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Happy day after Tday all (or jolly day after plain old Thursday for those outside the US)! Hope everyone had fun.

Sleep- it seems to have settled down. Actually, we adopted a cat two days ago and she has been sleeping at the girls' feet. So any time they start to fuss we remind them that they're bothering Kiki and they stop. So ds and I have the tiny bed and the girls share the queen with dh. It'll be nice to have another sleep room though even if it's just for "stuff". Our sleep lost is so crowded! There will be more space soon since I have a huge pile of boxes for the holiday helper program... once those are shipped out it'll feel more roomy.

Oh, this is Kiki. She was a stary who has been at the shelter since April! But she is an absolute dream cat... quiet, calm, laid back, and still snuggly.

And while you're on Flickr, here's Tor... sleeping, playing, and hanging out with his biggest sister. All our kiddos are getting so big!
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I can't believe they closed our ddc!!!! I haven't been checking in for quite some time...it's all going by so fast. Almost want to beg dh for just.one.more.baby (am I crazy???? I'm so so DONE).

Little Ness is doing great--almost four months and weighing in at 19+lbs. My upper body strength is awesome.
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Ow. My back has gone out, for no reason, this morning.

Well, okay, maybe the 6 hours in the car next to DD leaning over to nurse her when necessary to prevent screaming had something to do with it

We had a good trip, though - introduced her to my grandparents, and took a picture of her, me, my mother, and grandmother. We have a picture of my grandmother as the baby with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, too!

Ow ow ow. Hope you are all well!
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Wow! Just found this!

Amelia is 3 months old now-so freaking chuby and smiley and sparkling. I am in love. Here is a cute recent photo:

I am still photographing a lot, and just open a natural light studio! Everything is good. Debating whether or not I should do a conference in Las Vegas in March (my mom would come to Las Vegas to take care of the babe). Any thoughts?

Good to see you are all doing well! Hopefully I can catch up on this long thread later tonight.
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My kid would have put the camera in the toybox, under his bed, or with the diapers (under the changing table).

Good luck.

Little Santiago is keeping me up more at night again for the past few weeks. I'm feeling pretty sleep deprived...but...you know. I'll sleep someday.

My ds1 Salvador met Santa for the first time today. We don't really do the whole Santa thing, we'll probably teach him about St. Nicholas (who was a generous man who helped the poor). Anyhow, he had learned about him from Dora (thanks a lot, Dora) and recognized Santa immediately. He was so excited (timid, too). And the Santa seemed really kind and remembered his name all four times we happened to walk past him (it was a long trip to the mall). At one point we were in JC Penney and he was calling out "Santa! Santa! Where are you???" and pretending to look under the tables and inside the clothes racks, etc.

It was very cute.

Going to sleep while I can. G'night!
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We sure make some cute babies!
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Question for you ladies. I forget who told us about the peppermint and sage (and something else, I forgot) are not good on nursing milk supply. Well, I've got a sore throat and I want to drink some hot tea, but I can't figure out what would be good to drink. Is spearmint okay, or is any and all mint bad while breastfeeding. I'd do cold care teas, but they warn against use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Does anyone know what's safe and good to take. I'm getting ready to travel and I don't want DS or DH to get sick. Thanks for any and all help!
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