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fermenting beets

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I have some beets I was planning to ferment. Anything I should know? I figured I would just peel them and cut them up, then put them in a canning jar with brine.
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I cook them first. I don't care for raw beets.
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It's possible to ferment cooked stuff?
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I made beet kvass (you can google the recipe) with raw beets. Basically chopped beets in brine. I'm drinking the liquid as a tonic, haven't tried the beets, actually.

I fermented beet greens and grated horseradish in brine and it turned out yummy.
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The recipe in Nourishing Traditions says to roast them first at 300 degrees for 3 hours then pickle
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I do mine raw - just peel them, julienne, salt, smash. I've never needed to use a brine because the beets and salt seem to create enough liquid.
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I julienne mine (raw) & pack into jars with julienned carrots & fresh ginger. I make a brine (about 5.4%), pour it over & that's it. They're reeeeaally good.
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