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Interview went well.  I like the mom a lot.  We'll see if she liked what I offer.  I stuck to my standard fee.  It feels right.

Next question.  What are your favorite sling/wrap/carrier for a newborn, knowing I also have two toddlers, roughly 2yrs old.  Something tight, cozy for babe, flexible for me, and able to still hold at least one if not both of the others when needed. ie not too bulky.  I use an ergo for one (almost) 2 year old, but I don't have the infant insert.  Would that really make it seem snuggly enough for a tiny babe?

The mom has a Moby wrap.  If they choose me (I think they will) I think I'll ask her to put it in the diaper bag.  It will smell and feel familiar. 


Which one do you reach for the most often and use the most?

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Sorry, I cannot comment on a wrap as I hardly ever carry my 6m old dcb around. Being in Canada where most women take 12m mat leaves we hardly ever get tiny babies. My dcb is a really happy guy and likes to sit in his boppy pillow and watch the action around him.

Congrats on the interview, hope they sign on!

I have been doing home daycare for 9 years and usually have 5 kids 4 and under. My own kids are 8 & almost 10yrs old and in school full time.


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I'm reaching for and using my mei tai more than anything else.  Mostly out of familiarity, I can whip it on fast.  But partly out of minimizing my 20 mo old's frustration.  He grabs so enthusiastically when he can't get to the baby it's difficult.  In the mei tai he can see his head, arms and he pats more gently when I have to hold both of them.


I want to thank everyone for the recommendation for the fisher price infant to toddler rocker.  It already has become a well-loved addition.  By both18 and 20 month olds and by me for the baby when I need it.  I love versatility!


How are all of you doing?  Any spring motivation going on?


I've looked at the Little Acorn Learning online site and it looks great for when my littles get just a little older.  Does anyone have old copies they are done with (printed in a binder perhaps) that they'd like to pass on?

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Hey all.  I'm pretty sure I'm reviving a fairly old thread, but maybe not.


I'm a home daycare provider.  Right now, I have 8 kids (including my own 2), but I'm thinking of adding another 2.  I'm allowed 10 total with my kids' ages - and I'm losing some when school starts.


Has anyone maintained their daycare business while pregnant/maternity leave?  What about breastfeeding a newborn/infant/toddler while providing care?  Any tips? 


I realize I have plenty of time and sometimes I think I just need things to stress about ---- but I'm starting to stress about how all of this is going to come together. :)

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