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How's this for wierd....

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Last week, I had a regular OB appointment and my Dr. was not able to find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler. Not a huge deal, it's a new machine, I'm only about 10 weeks, so it's a bit early - but just to be safe, they send me for an ultrasound to make sure things are okay. I go for the ultrasound appointment, the tech is lovely, the baby has a beautiful thumpy heart, she give's me a 3-5 picture and a printout with some stats on it, and I'm on my way.

So, today, I call the OB's office because the nurse left me a voicemail. The nurse - whom I'm very fond of, this is my second pregnancy with this practice - says that the ultrasound came back great, but there was a small intra-uterine bleed - so I should be on pelvic rest and generally take it easy - no intercourse, and no lifting (I have a 13 month old, so there will be lifting, but anyway.) And, they are adjusting my due date because the ultrasound report says I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant!!! That's a month off from where I think I am!!! And I'm pretty sure it's not possible.

I'm relatively sure about when my last menstrual period was - I could be off by a day or so, but not too much. According to the nurse, my new date of conception was October 10. I took a HPT, and got a positive result, on Sept 29 and had betas done in the doctor's office on Oct 2. The betas were low, but not zero. And the real kicker - my DH was in Mexico City that week! I know that sperm can hang out for a while, but not that long, and the man literally was out of the country!! Could I have been pregnant, miscarried (without noticing any bleeding AT ALL) and then conceived again??

I'm getting another ultrasound tomorrow. The tech didn't say a word to me about any kind of bleed - and I haven't noticed any bleeding - and when I said I was about 10 weeks pregnant, she didn't say the baby looked small. I'm very confused. All I can thing of is the imaging center accidently sent my Dr. someone else's report. Do you all have any thoughts??
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Im so sorry about the confusion. One way you might be able to see if they have the right person is on your sonogram pictures it usually says the weeks you are pregnant in really small numbers.
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That's really odd.
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Did they not do a crown to rump measurement during the ultrasound?
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Did they get someone elses results mixed up with yours? I can't believe they sent you from the ultrasound that they found a tiny baby and intrauterine bleed at and didn't say a word! Did the baby look like a baby? At 6+4 it's pretty much a blob with a hb...
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I am not surprised that they didn't say anything either way. Here, at least at the ultrasound clinics I have been to, the tech is forbidden to say anything. Nothing is official until the radiologist reads the data and interprets it. It always scares me that they don't say anything.
Not to say either way what this means but I will say that my cousin, who is a prof of medicine at a very prestigious med school AND a practicing specialist told me that ultrasounds are only as good as the tech doing them and she only sends her patients to have ultrasounds at hospitals where she knows the techs. She said that the quality of what you get done a community clinics can wildy vary. I can't remember, are you having another one done anytime soon?
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I got another ultrasound done today - as anticipated, I am about 11 weeks pregnant. The tech who did the scan was the same woman who did it last week, she was a bit surprised to see me!! She said she'd read the report before she called me in, and her report confirmed the date I expected. She called my doctor, and they spoke for a bit, and then we all decided to do an additional ultrasound today just to make sure everyone was on the same page.

What I think happened - and I suspect I'll never know for sure - is that when the nurse spoke to me she had someone else's report in front of her. Either the imaging center sent her the wrong report or she got it confused with another one in her office.

Anyway - the baby looks great. I saw him/her waving his/her little piggies for the camera (so amazing!!!) I did have an intrauterine bleed, so I'm on "pelvic rest" for a little while, but other than that I'm all good :-)

With luck, this episode will be as dramatic as this pregnancy gets :-)
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Oh good news, I am happy for you!
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Phew, I was hoping you would update us all on this story - that was a weird one for sure!
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I have to use my middle inital at my OB's practice. There are 3 of us with the same name
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Hooray!!! I am so thrilled to hear that this has all worked out. Now, sit back and relax!
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I wonder if the nurse left a message for the wrong person? Like she meant to call 2 people about the bleeds and got your messages mixed up. I bet she also freaked out someone who just expects to be 6 wks along!

Glad all is good though.
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Originally Posted by Burnindinner View Post

I bet she also freaked out someone who just expects to be 6 wks along!
yeah no kidding!
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Yay good news!!!!
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Wow...I can't believe the day you had. I totally would have assumed that I would be m/c if I got a call like that. I am SO RELIEVED to hear that all is well for you!!!! hugs for such an emotional couple of days.
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