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11 weeks 4 days

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Today I tried for about 5 minutes to find the fetal heartrate on a doppler at work. I couldn't find it. I did see a heartbeat on u/s at about 7 weeks. Should I be worried, I am trying to stay positive. Please send prayers and positive vibes if you are so inclined!
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I will keep you and your bean in my thoughts!
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I'm 10 wks & heard the heartbeat yesterday, but the NP said we might not find it cuz the little buggers move around so much it's hard to catch them. Don't start worrying just yet. I'll say a prayer for you just in case.
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I'm thinking I read somewhere that you might not be able to get the kid on doppler until 12 weeks, and sometimes it's hard if the Mom has more chub.
hope little bean is fine in there and you hear the heartbeat soon.
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I wouldn't worry Tres. My OB couldn't find a heartbeat with a doppler at my last appointment and I was 12 weeks. She sent me for a quick ultrasound and the baby was just fine, moving all over the place, nice, strong heartbeat. Most likely you just caught your little one when he or she was being very active!
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One of your blood vessels might be running right next to the baby. At my last appointment (10w6d) my doctor would find the heartbeat fleetingly, but mostly was picking up my heartbeat. I had just had an ultrasound so I know that baby was fine and kicking away. Can you pop into your dr. or midwife's office for a quick check?
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Thank you for the responses. I am going to the midwife in about 30 mins and she said she will try to find the Fetal heart rate. Wish me luck.
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Any news? Thinking of you, Mama. s
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It's normal at this stage and so incredibly hit and miss. With my DD, I found her HB at 9 weeks. Yet with my twins, I didn't find an HB until 11 weeks. I am 12 weeks tomorrow with this bean and have yet to find the HB (though he/she is okay!).
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Thinking of you - I hope all is well. I found the HB last week but couldn't yesterday. They are so small that they are quite good at hiding!
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I really wouldn't worry about it. With my first pregnancy, a nurse looked for the heartbeat with a doppler around 24ish weeks. It took her over five minutes, probably closer to ten, to find it!! I have since learned that unless you really know what you're doing, it can take a while to find it, if at all.

FWIW, I had my first ultrasound with my first pregnancy at 11wks 3ds because the OB couldn't even find the heartbeat. The u/s showed the sound waves of the heartbeat but no one could hear it with the doppler things they use. DD was born on her due date and is currently ripping up a magazine behind me.
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Thank you for all the responses! I went to see my midwife and she found the HB within seconds! I was bawling when she found it, oi, the hormones!
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Oh Tres, I'm so happy for you!!! Amazing how one small sound can bring such enormous relief! I hope you have a relaxed and lovely weekend!
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