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Give me the dirt on newly postpartum

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Alright, I've made it to 35 weeks and am really starting to look forward to the end. My oh-so-lovely belly is measuring at 43-44 weeks and the stretch marks are atrocious. I'm continuing to gain weight, which in theory is good, but it getting hard for me mentally as I now weight almost twice as much as I did in high school (gulp). So....how much weight can I expect to lose at delivery? Please tell me that 20 pounds is not too much to hope for. Also, what the heck condition is my stomach going to be in? Will I need granny panties or a girdle to hold all the loose skin? Will I be able to walk like normal again? What about putting on socks, is that possible right after delivery? Is there any immediate after care you recommend, especially for the belly? Was there anything that surprised you after you gave birth? TIA!
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I will be watching this thread!
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Can't remember how much I lost in the pre-and PP day / week, but it was something significant. You'll feel a lot better even if the numbers aren't what they could be. Breastfeed!!! It'll do wonders. I weighed less 3 months PP than I have in a couple years.

That was my low and I've climbed back up, but that's another matter.
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Yes, I immediately lost about 20-ish pounds which was half what I gained. I VERY quickly shed the rest. By 6 months PP I was under my pre-pregnancy weight (nursing twins ROCKS! you can eat whatever you want!!!!).

After they were born I wore a PP girdle and I'm SO glad someone here suggested it to me. Taking a deep breath was difficult and I think on day 2 or 3 my intestines weren't wanting to work too well and I had terrible gas/digestive pains! I think they were freaking out with all the space all of the sudden! Walking was also interesting. I walked hunched over for probably two weeks. My abs were seriously shot. I bounced back fairly quickly but I was seriously taken aback by how much easier I had to take it post twins than post singleton. With my other home births I was slow but basically back to my normal activities within just a few days. With the twins I was definitely feeling like I needed to take it more easy for a lot longer.

I could put on socks. I could SLEEP ON MY STOMACH!!!!! Oh, that was SO nice! My hips were weird for awhile. I remember noticing HUGE shifts in hip width at intervals over the first 6-9 months. My SPD is still there. When one of the kids pushes on that spot on my bones when they are climbing into my lap I still yelp but it doesn't give me daily problems. I'm FINALLY not having issues with my ribs/hips/spine getting out of whack. My chiro told me until I'm 100% done nursing I will still have relaxin in my body and will continue to need to see him. I think even at 12 months PP I was having issues with one specific rib getting out of place and causing me pain. I can now self adjust with certain yoga poses so it's getting much better.

That's all I can think of at the moment! I did bleed a LOT less. I was down to spotting at 6 days PP. I think it's because of all the oxytocin in my blood. I was making a LOT of milk!
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Congrats! You're almost there I also had terrible stretch marks, but actually not as bad as my 2nd pregnancy (9 lb 14 oz) where they actually bled. I only gained about 28 lbs and went to 37+1 with babies just under 6 lbs each. I had lost all my weight by 14 days pp...of course, it was completely redistributed! I think it was another week or so before I could put on my old jeans...tucking in all that skin of course! I LOVED how much I could eat, and still can, even at 10 months...I will miss that when they are done breastfeeding Oddly enough I keep getting comments about having lost weight, when I'm just a few pounds under where I started out...I think I'm definitely carrying more in the boobs, which probably distracts people from looking at my tummy .

I do wish I had had some sort of girdle...that would have been very helpful! I didn't have any major aches and pains other than the recovery from the cursed c-section. I did go to the chiro once just to sort of put things back in place. And it was definitely a pleasure to be able to put on socks again Surprises...well, I think my hubby was surprised that I still looked 8 months pregnant after the birth

ETA - Here is a photo of my lovely stretch marks at 33 weeks http://www.flickr.com/photos/32908180@N08/4114623649/
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Congrats on 35 weeks so far!

I am pretty sure that when I weighed myself (at the pediatrician's office when no one was looking) one week pp I was down 40 lbs out of the 60 that I gained. The remaining 20 took me about a year and a lot of breastfeeding.

When I gave birth my tummy was measuring 52, and lemme tell you, my abdomen now is not pretty in the eyes of most folks - very wrinkly skin, misshapen belly button, and a big tear in fascia & muscle that is not self-correcting. That is the price that my body paid, but it is worth it. I try to remember that my body is just a vessel for my spirit, and I shouldn't become too attached to it or its perceived imperfections; instead I should be thankful for its work.

I had to take it really easy for at least a month pp. I started to bleed heavily again even if I walked around the block or did a few loads of laundry. I couldn't move my legs well for a few days pp due to a long labor and 8 hours pushing. Everyone is different, though!

I used a supportive band around my abdomen for a while (2 or 3 months) whenever I felt I needed it. I found it used on diaperswappers. It was a huge help.
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I will be looking forward to hearing about your babies in about a month or so......
Postpartum was interesting for me. I really had to take it easy (man I wanted to get up and cook instead of detailing out what I wanted to eat to my lovely helpers). I tried to do too much one day and dropped a clot the size of a grapefruit. That freaked me out! Back to bed for me!
For me, my belly remained large for a while. The funny part was, I felt tiny! Maybe I shouldn't say this, but now at 19 months, I still have lumpy bumps that are just extra skin. I never weighed myself postpartum, but a lot of the weight came off right away. Then I was about 20 lbs over, then 10, now I'm about 8 pds. I think that if I would eat even a smidgen less, I could drop the weight and then some, but right now, I'm just keeping my eyes on the prize, so to speak. I feel healthy as I eat well and exercise, but I eat like a horse. I eat so much, but I feel like I need it with two nursing toddlers and a five year old.
I'm sure I could look a lot better, but I really have chosen to focus on other things rather than weight loss. I guess I feel like I look "good enough".
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I was surprised by how much I lost just in the delivery. I had gained a lot of water weight the final week or so so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I looked pregnant still when I left the hospital, but I looked 7 mos. pregant with a singleton! So it was an improvement.

I nursed pretty much all the time. It helps a lot to have help. My mom was there for a few weeks, and that lifted so many burdens.

I don't remember when my belly went back to normal, but it wasn't that long. I do remember being so surprised at how much better I felt not being pregnant. I was still tired, sure, but it was different. It was the tired from not enough sleep rather than the physical drain of being pregnant with twins.

Something few talk about is the shift in attention. It may bother you, it might just surprise you, as it did me. Prior to their birth, I was "all that". People asked about me, and pampered me. After they were born, it's all about them.

So my concise advice:
nurse at first hunger cues
Have help if at all possible
sleep when babies sleep
Have help if at all possible
pumping can help increase supply
Baby swaddle!
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I don't recall weighing until I got to my 6 week OB check, and I recall not loosing as much as I thought I should have. Looking back, I figure it was because my boobs were full, full, full.
My babies are 18 months old (sniff), and I'm about 3 lbs under what I started out pre-pregnancy with them. My belly is BUSTED -- stretch marks (had those before), and poochy, but I don't care. I'll just exercise, get it looking as best I can, then will always wear a tankini.

I love the idea of a girdle ... I wished I had worn one post partum. You get this weird 'swishy' feeling, until everything settles back into place.

Worst thing for me, after having twins -- bladder prolapse. Boo!

Good luck, and keep cooking!
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i'd recommend reading 'lose your mummy tummy' - it details how best to use your body post natally to minimise problems from lack of muscle tone.

my babies were my 5th and 6th and i also had prolapse issues, but i think this was mostly because the first weeks i was dashing around like crazy between home and hospital. no rest at all. it was horrendous.

really take it easy those first 6 weeks

my belly recovered dramatically quickly though (i had 32 weekers) but i'd rather have had full termers and a poochy belly than a poochy pelvic floor and preemies

i was amazed at how quickly my spd improved. that was a huge relief as i could barely walk before the births but i felt sooo light immediately afterwards it was like my joints had been oiled.

basically: you will find things that 'hurt' afterwards, but also things to be grateful for. it's truly amazing to be blessed with growing multiples
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I'm right there with you, worrying about what shape my poor body will be in after the babies arrive. At 37 weeks my fundal height is 47cm and I'm measuring 46 inches around at the belly button (18 inches over my pre-pregnancy waistline). I didn't get any stretchmarks until 33 weeks, but now they've spread across my lower belly. I'm not too worried about the gap in my abdominal muscles, I can fix that with exercises, but the vain part of me does NOT want my skin to be so loose I have to tuck it in. My husband says I'll still be sexy... but I'm having a hard time believing that'll be true. I was expecting pregnancy to leave my body softer, but I never imagined I'd get pregnant with twins. Mamas whose twins are past infancy, how have the changes in your body affected your self image?
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Originally Posted by Nanasi View Post
Mamas whose twins are past infancy, how have the changes in your body affected your self image?
I'm probably one of the few here who will admit that I'm getting a tummy tuck. I what Kara said but I am still doing it. I don't care about my stretch marks but I'm really unhappy with stomach skin that literally hangs down past my pubic bone.
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Self-image? I'm still working on it... Chantel, the key words were 'I try to remember..."

I am a bit self-conscious about sex w/my DH, b/c my body is SO changed. In some positions (cough cough) it's impossible to hide my sagging, wrinkled belly and my now-deflated breasts (post-breastfeeding) that hang like stalactites from my chest. I would rather be wearing a nice piece of lingerie that covers and supports, so I might have to invest in that! It definitely helps that my husband is super duper supportive of me and my body. I have never heard him say a bad thing about my changed shape.

When I'm clothed, I'm usually pretty good about my body, even though the wrinkly skin and lack of abdominal muscle support can result in lots of muffin top and pouchy tummy.

I wish I would have known about all the bodily changes prior to pregnancy. I feel like it's such a hidden part of our journey as women.
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I got terrible stretch marks and hangy skin from my singleton so I cringe when I think of what shape this twin pg will me in. EEK.

Can anyone tell me more about support bands/belts/girdles for post babies? Is this meant to lessen discomfort, help skin to bounce back quicker, or just generally tuck in all the loosy goosy ? All of the above maybe? I have been considering getting something but am not sure what to get - whatever it is, it needs to be comfortable. TIA!
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Hmmm, let's see. I totally agree with getting a girdle/band or something. I absolutely couldn't live without the one a friend loaned me, I wore it all the time. I actually ended up putting a piece of hemp (cloth diaper insert) up against my c-sec incision for part of the day to help keep it dry, and the band helped keep it in place, along with all the jiggly stuff.

I lost all my weight by 2 weeks pp, I had gained 52 pounds. Though, I also lost all my weight with ds1 in the same amount of time. I can't lose weight any other time in my life, but post partum, that seems to just melt the stuff away, lol.

I actually did really well pp with both my births (ds1 was vaginal, the twins were a c-sec), was up and around and not having much pain.

If I could afford it, I'd probably have a tummy tuck. Even though I lost a ton of weight and got back into my clothes, they really don't fit as well. Nothing fits "right", no matter how much shopping I do. I am a bit overweight, though, if I lost a few more pounds, I'd probably be a little happer.
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Not there yet (28 weeks currently) but after my first I had a horrible diastisis that could not heal...only option is surgery. I gain all my preg weight in my belly, so we'll see what happens after this one...if its really horrible I may get the surgery. We'll see.
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The band, for me, was for abdominal support while my muscles attempted to recover. It did NOTHING for my skin that I'm aware of.
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Originally Posted by attached2mason View Post
Can anyone tell me more about support bands/belts/girdles for post babies? Is this meant to lessen discomfort, help skin to bounce back quicker, or just generally tuck in all the loosy goosy ? All of the above maybe? I have been considering getting something but am not sure what to get - whatever it is, it needs to be comfortable. TIA!
that: Where would I look to purchase one? Does anyone have any links? TIA!
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i lost around 20 lbs immediately then 20 over the first few months. i've been at the same weight now for several months but i eat everything i get my hands on. anytime i try to cut down or better my eating my milk supply plummets. i decided for the first year at least i'd just let it go.

another multiples mom said her belly looked like a deflated nut sack. that's th best description i can think of. i have to wear long shirts so my belly skin doesn't hang down under my shirt. sometimes i wear my pants over it instead of under it and the bottom of the flap gets numb. ??

team tummy tuck! i think after these guys wean and i lose some weight i will get a tummy tuck and a breast reduction.
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I just bought a maternity support girdle at Motherhood. I think it was about twenty bucks and had a velcro closure. That thing ROCKED!
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