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mommas ... you are making me laugh! Stalactites, nut sack and all!

DH just tells me that he loves my body, because it housed our children! Aww! I can't afford a tummy tuck, plus I'm sure I'd get PG the day after!
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You know...a few days after I got home I weighed myself and had only lost like 12 pounds or something and I was so disappointed cause I had gained like 49lbs. But then, 11 days after I had them I weighed myself again and had lost like 32 pounds and only had 17 or so to loose til my pre-pregnancy weight. I have to say, they are a month old today and my skin is hangin pretty bad. Although, it did this for a while after I had my daughter too but improved once I started working out 2 hours a day 6 days a week. Didn't completely go away...but yeah. I think it is taking longer for my hips and stuff to go back where they belong too. I am still wearing a lot of my maternity stuff (of course the HUGE size G chest doesn't help either). Be prepared to still look very pregnant for a few days...I just broke down a cried on our way home from the hospital because I was so upset with how my body looked. It gets better, it just takes time. I mean...I couldn't even fit into my "fat" jeans til they were almost 3 weeks. But yes...after they were born I could put socks on...lol. You still have a bit of a belly, but it's all squishy instead of hard. Gross I know...but such is life with a twin pregnancy I guess. My 6 week apt. is in a few days...I can't wait to be able to start working out!
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you have time to work out

what's your secret!?
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Originally Posted by shukr View Post
you have time to work out

what's your secret!?

Maybe she was kidding? I STILL don't have reliable time to work out. If I make it to yoga twice a week I'm doing really REALLY well.
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I nursed so the weight did come off. I recall that I wanted the water retention to go faster then it did :-) I do have what I refer to as my "gift with purchase", a little flap from my tummy being stretched so much with 2 (6lb & 7lb). I was suprised at how weak I was & by the unexpeced weeping and sadness that would hit when the sun started to set. That said I did get stronger and if I recall correctly the spontanious weeping ended after the first few months. Good Luck & good job getting to 35 weeks and still gaining!!!
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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post

Maybe she was kidding? I STILL don't have reliable time to work out. If I make it to yoga twice a week I'm doing really REALLY well.
LOL...no I am serious! Well, for starters my husband is not working at the moment so he is home all the time except for two hours every morning for school. I'll tell you how I do it...it's called "not doing laundry, dishes or other house cleaning". I mean, I haven't started working out again yet, but I plan on starting out with doing just like 30 minutes a day at the gym and then moving up to an hour, 6 days a week so that I can just go to a class every day. My husband can handle the kiddlets for an hour. I have to work out, for my sanity purposes
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you will be mom of steele abs
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I lost over 20 pounds before I left the hospital (3-4 days postpartum). I was nursing, so the rest came off easily (but some came back after I weaned the girls). I delivered at 37 weeks, and aside from not being able to roll over in bed I really never felt very big. I never got a single stretch mark, much to the dismay of DP who had a singleton and has the stretch marks and saggy belly to boot! My stomach looked about the same after twins as before. But now that I am pg with #3, it is quite clear that my belly is much more stretched out than I gave it credit for!
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Right now my twins are five weeks old and my stomach is a tiny bit squishy but otherwise I'm back to normal. My c-section scar is really weird, though, and I'm looking forward to when I can do sit ups (in all my abundant free time).

I had gained 60 pounds by the time I gave birth (at 36 weeks) and probably about 40-50 are gone (I'm not sure b/c I haven't weighed myself). I'd say three weeks postpartum I was in normal clothing. I really think it's just luck & genetics, but breastfeeding and belly support are important. Please don't be too hard on yourself, especially that first month postpartum, especially if you have a c-section. And for god's sake don't weigh yourself until your kids are six months old.
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Chantel, I'm totally with you! I'd have a TT in a second if:

1. I were skinny enough to justify it and
2. stumbled across the money

The first's possible, I too have the tuck-belly-skin-into-my-jeans days, but the second? Hmmm. If I had no credit card debt, had some savings for retirement and the girls, and had already gotten Lasik . . .

OK, it's not going to happen. But more power to you! Do it and report back to us!


Your golf-ball-in-tubesocks description of your breasts has me vowing never to wean!
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I probably would have done it before DH and I split. Now I gotta find me a sugar daddy who's got some money to blow on my belly!
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I was lucky in the stretchmark department (none) and had 29-week preemies, so honestly the only sign that I had babies is the c-section scar tucked in my bikini line. I had gained 35 pounds at that point and dropped weight like a madwoman at first, but still found that it took 3 months or so before my hipbones and stuff went back to their normal places. I was wearing pants 3-4 sizes bigger than my usual just to accomodate that. One day everything suddenly went back into its correct spot and because of all the calories burned by breastfeeding, I was a skinny minnie until 18 months when I stopped. Now I'm around my pre-pregnancy size, maybe a few pounds more and a little softer in the belly. If I worked out ever that'd probably change.

The biggest thing I remember about my phsyical postpartum experience was the night sweats. They were horrendous. For weeks I soaked my jammies and bed every night. I started putting down bath towels under myself at bedtime and keeping extra jammies next to the bed, and then when I awoke wet I would just peel off the towel, dry myself off, and change into dry jammies. It was awful.
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I gained about 80 lbs with my twins, and although I don't know how much I lost from the birth, by the time they were 3 months old I was 10 lbs BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight (and still eating a pint of ice cream every day). I had to go and buy new pants at 8 weeks b/c all of my pre-pregnancy clothes just hung on me. I could eat ridiculous amounts of food during the first six months I was nursing and still lose weight. Then the demand tapered off I guess.

I never had the sweats post-partum (which is common), but I did pee like a race horse for weeks. It was ridiculous.

I still have extra belly skin; I suppose surgery is the only answer to that, but mine are now 6 years old and the extra skin problem did continue to improve for at least two years after they were born.

I developed a HUGE diastis (separation of your stomach muscles) that my doc said only surgery could fixt, but that has also healed for the most part with the help of yoga (and I didn't have the energy to start exercising till they were almost 3 yo). Just make sure you find someone to help you with the stomach thing that knows what they're doing . . . regular sit ups and crunches will make it worse.

Basically, your body will never be the same again, but you probably won't care

Good luck!!!
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