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Hello everyone! I always lurk on the Jewish Mamas thread but figured I should introduce myself and actually participate. Actually, I think I might have done so looong ago, but I'm not certain.

I'm Miriam, married to Ron. We have 3-1/2 year-old triplets. We live in Los Angeles. We are orthodox and dh is Moroccan so we attend a Moroccan beit knesset across the street from us. (We moved here when I was 4 months pregnant and chose this place because it is across the street from our Rabbi.)

Our custom for the hanukkiyot is dh lights for the family. The girls light their own without a bracha after dh lights for the family. (Our minhag is one per family so a married woman is included with her husband. An unmarried woman would light for themselves so our Rav said children can light without the bracha.) Though this year because there are two Shabbatot Hannukkah, I get to light twice since dh won't be home. I should practice the brachot!

On a slightly connected note, I'm already hungry for sufganiyot. I am so tempted to "test" a new recipe. I won't, but I have the mental countdown going on. Two more nights!
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Hi Everyone!

Welcome Miriam, nice to meet you.

Yummy, sufganiyot. Next week I have two Chanukah dinners, and two Chanukah lunches to attend. I decided that this week was a good week for me to diet, to make up for all of those delicious treats I plan to enjoy next week.

I have been procrastinating about buying the candles. I need to take care of that as soon as possible.
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Welcome Miriam!

We have two separate Hanukkah parties on Sunday- one in the morning at the shul where the girls have their Wednesday night social/Jewish learning group, and the other in the late afternoon at the one a few blocks from our house where we go on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Then, the following Sunday, the "9th day of Hanukkah", we're having our family get-together and gift exchange. My aunt is hosting, and didn't want to have it until her DD got home from college for the semester, and didn't want to have it on Saturday because then we couldn't attend. So, the day after Hanukkah it is.
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Who's got an amazing sufganiot recipe?

Hi, Miriam!
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I've never made suganfyiot. I'm very intimidated by them.

I've been having a really hard time. My one job is driving me crazy with the enviroment of it, the "flexible" aka inconsistant scheduling, and a few other things. My depression is starting to return. I've been feeling like it was going to return for a few weeks, and working on changing the work situation, but today was the first day where I was like "gee, I'm not going to be depressed soon, I'm totally depressed". I've struggled with depression for several years, and am really loath to take medications or increase my meds (in fact, working really hard on weaning off them slowly.) I think its partly stress, partly lower vit. d from less sun (and the other just seeing the sun mood boosting effects lost to grey skies), partly I've been paying less attention to my diet under the stress, and partly the fact that I haven't been able to talk to my shrink since I started this job over a month and a half ago, because I can't even guess a week in advance what my schedule will be like.

I'm so grateful to DP, for supporting me today, taking 45 minutes to get me to get out of the house to come grocery shopping, after being sick and working all day, and keeping telling me that I'm doing good, by getting out of the house at all when I'm depressed and I'm making progress. I'm very much the kind of person who needs outside encouragement and reassurance.

I'm trying to get my parents to pay for some acupuncture, to see if that will help, am going to focus in on my diet again, and make myself get out of the house and to synogogue on saturday. But its hard. Really hard. And I'm scared, because I've been here before, a lot, and I know where this can go.

I think I'm also a little sad at our lack of channukah plans. My father is going to be in europe for all of channukah. We are going to have a little dinner with a friend and her spouse, but not the party we were planning to throw (she had to go out of town for work and we couldn't plan it. not that I would have been up for planning a party atm). It's just weird I guess, since its always been dad and me and sometimes laure (my sis), plus one big family channukah night, that it will be DP and me, and maybe laure will come over one night, and then one small dinner with another couple. No family get together maybe at all maybe till after channukah. And I haven't really been to any of shul's pre-channukah celebrations because they conflicted with work. Tomarrow there is a young adult channukah party but I don't really want to go, mostly because it is started off with maariv and kabbalat shabbat and I haven't much enjoyed the services led by various members of the ya group, though I very much enjoy their company. I feel like maybe I should go, but all I really want to do is have the nice dinner DP and I have planned. (plus I didn't RSVP)
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There is a great sufganiyot recipe in Faye Levy's 1000 Jewish Recipes that is utterly failproof. In fact, I'm not going to post it because everything in that cookbook is failproof, and I think it's essential to every Jewish home. So, go buy it. Amazon has copies from under $5 used, or you can find it (like I did) at Barnes & Noble or Borders (on the shelf in Lancaster, so I'm assuming it's easy to find elsewhere).

She also has a recipe for freezable latkes that are GREAT.

So yeah, go get it tomorrow. It's great. I use it all the time.
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Yes, but if I order it today it wont be here by tonight I have at least 4 jewish cookbooks but I was looking for something tested and true. Maybe we'll hit up B&N with some paper and a pencil and make a guerilla copy of the recipe

If you want to try sufganiot but you're intimidated (and you can let go of your TF preferences for a bit :
my mom used to make them with frozen dough. Thaw, roll into balls, fry, squirt in jam, roll in sugar.
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Caroline Depression is tough. Are you taking any supplements specifically targeted for depression?

I've been taking 5-HTP since I started weaning off Prozac 4 or 5 years ago. I take 100 mg at bedtime, but you may need to experiment with the dose that's right for you. I also take a B-complex every day, and when I'm feeling especially stressed, I'll take it twice. I also take extra vitamin D all year long.

FaliciaGayle- I just did a quick Yahoo search for "free online sufganiot recipe" and got a whole bunch of hits. I've never personally tried any of them though- our Hanukkah traditions involve latkes, latkes, and more latkes, and generally only eat the sufganiot at parties where somebody else brings them.

I'll share my latke recipe while I'm at it:

I mash together boiled potatoes with eggs (about 1 egg for every 2 medium sized potatoes) and season to taste with onion, salt, and pepper. Sometimes I add the seasonings ( salt, whole peppercorns, and whole onions) to the potato boiling water and then don't need to add any dry seasonings to the batter. Then we fry it up in olive oil. This also works for sweet potatoes insted of white potatoes (with different seasonings of course.)

I've found that using precooked potatoes makes the latkes cook faster- yeah, there's an extra step before we start frying, but then there's less time to wait while each batch cooks, and we never end up with disgusting uncooked potatoes in our latkes.
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
Yes, but if I order it today it wont be here by tonight I have at least 4 jewish cookbooks but I was looking for something tested and true. Maybe we'll hit up B&N with some paper and a pencil and make a guerilla copy of the recipe

If you want to try sufganiot but you're intimidated (and you can let go of your TF preferences for a bit :
my mom used to make them with frozen dough. Thaw, roll into balls, fry, squirt in jam, roll in sugar.

I'll PM it to you if you promise to go out and get the cookbook. Honestly, I haven't been able to fail on a single one of her recipes - it's a wonderful cookbook worth having, which I pull out whenever I have to meal plan.
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Ruthla - I've never thought about making latkes from mashed potatoes. Sounds good. Thank Gd we have 8 nights to eat all this stuff. Our traditional meal is latkes and falafel. But the pregnancy is demanding some sweet stuff, so I thought I'd try to improve on my mom's jelly donut recipe.

I'm currently in the middle of this one from Good Housekeeping. We'll see.

Sme - gracias mamacita
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
Ruthla - I've never thought about making latkes from mashed potatoes. Sounds good. Thank Gd we have 8 nights to eat all this stuff. Our traditional meal is latkes and falafel. But the pregnancy is demanding some sweet stuff, so I thought I'd try to improve on my mom's jelly donut recipe.

I'm currently in the middle of this one from Good Housekeeping. We'll see.

Sme - gracias mamacita
De nada!

I'm doing Faye Levy's Chanukah Chicken stew with veggies for dinner tonight, and a friend is coming to help with latke prep before services. I totally forgot the sour cream, which I'll just have to pick up tomorrow.

Also going to try some sweet potato latkes this year, as well as the sufganiyot. Oh, and a friend sent me a great recipe for Cheesy Buttermilk Latkes Benedict that I think we're going to have for breakfast tomorrow.
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Happy Chanukah!

Magelet, Hugs. I am truly sorry for the difficult time that you are having. I hope that things get better quickly for you.

Today at shul, we had a Bar Mitzvah and the food was delicious. I wanted seconds on the latkes,but thank goodness, when I went back for seconds they were all gone.

Tomorrow, I have a dinner to attend and a party to attend. I wanted to make a brief visit to the party than go to the dinner. But the time it will take me to drive from one place to the other makes that impossible. My friends that I was planning on meeting at the party, will be at another party the next night. So, I will probably go to the dinner, especially since I RSVP for that event. And to think, the week is only just beginning.
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Thank you ladies for the hugs and love. I think I felt them at work today even though I hadn't read them yet.

I didn't make it to synagogue this morning, even though I really wanted to go, because I was so late, and felt bad about being late. And then I felt bad about not going, because I wanted the good feelings from shul to carry me through work this afternoon, but it went ok. DP and I stayed in bed and read all, and while it didn't really do much for my depression, it didn't really make it worse either. And I am feeling pretty good right now.

We had a nice quiet shabbat and channukah together last night, which was fun. (no latkes yet, but pan-fried fish. I think we are doing latkes tomarrow? we're having a small dinner with another couple who are friends of mine and DP gets alone with.) And then going to a young adult shul members party on monday.

After spending the day reading in bed (with cheese sandwhiches, the luxury to have cheese and bread at the same time!! lol (we don't buy cheese or bread that often), I went to work filled with dread. It needn't have been. If work was like that every day, I would be fine there. (Of course, I did give notice friday night. Which was not how I wanted to give notice, I would have prefered it to not be in the heat of the moment, not with me crying, and not sort of quietly but totally in front of customers. But we were swamped with channukah customers, there were 10 people on line, and my boss had said I could definitely be out by 2, and it was 3:15, and getting dangerously close to shabbat, and I was incredibly overwhlemed. Still, giving notice in tears is better than in anger I guess. Anyways, I gave notice yesterday, but said I'd work through the holidays if they need, didn't want to leave them in a bind) anyways, he asked me if I was good with today being my last day. I was a bit surprised, but totally fine with that. And then, this is the part I'm super thrilled about.

And then, I went and told the people I care about/have sort of made friends with there, that I was leaving and goodbye and I'd probably be around to see them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge for me. My entire life, I have slinked off from places, without saying goodbye to the few friends I have (admitedly there have been times and places wehre I haven't done this, but I've done it alot in my life), mostly because I didn't have any close friends, and didn't want to explain why I was going. Or I was going because I was depressed and just never came back after stopping being able to make myself go. So the fact that I went to 4 people and said "This is my last day. I wanted to say goodbye", I'm so proud of myself for. I slinked off and never again saw friends from middle school when I transfered. I sneaked away from flute lessons and never saw my beloved flute teacher again. Same with singing. Same with ballet (though my teachers were not beloved, nor many of the students in my classes). There was not really anyone to say goodbye to when I graduated high school. A few teachers I guess. In college, I didn't tell anyone I was going except the people who say me moving out mid-term. "I'm leaving". So I'm super proud to be working on breaking that pattern.

anyways, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, but I know that might not last. I'm going to take advantage of my new free time (in addition to looking for a stop-gap job and preping to work as a postpartum doula after I do the training in january) to take a class in krav maga which I have wanted to for months. I'm going to start taking cod liver oil for the vitamin d and the omegas (even though I don't totally like the lack of certainty about its sustainability), and I'm going to make an appointment with my shrink who I haven't seen since I started this job with its flexible schedule. (who I actually like most of the time, but since I started seeing her as a teenager, the term "shrink" stuck lol. It's said with affection) I'll look into the 5-htp, I've heard about it before once or twice but don't know hardly anything about it.

Again, thank you ladies for your love.

Happy channukah. (I'll have to get a copy of that cookbook! lol writing it down...
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Okay Ruthla, what's your secret to making mashed potato latkes crispy? They tasted great, and boiling the onions with the potatoes made the whole operation easy, but they were no where near as crispy as my shredded potato/onion pancakes.

And the GH sufganiot recipe was not so good I don't recommend.

We had sour cream and cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast. Fried in copious amounts of coconut oil because I just don't think olive oil would taste yummy.
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I'm glad you're feeling better Magelet.

Faliciagayle- the latkes get crispy outside when the oil is the right temperaure. Too low, and they get kinda soggy. Too hot, and they burn. just right, and they're perfectly crispy.

But the texture IS different from the ones you make with raw potatoes. My family prefers the mashed potato texture (otherwise it seems the outside burns before the inside fully cooks.)
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Please daven that the Yeshiva of South Bend is the right one for Akiva, that they take him, that he should be matzliach there - I understand that it's pretty rigorous - which is a little frightening, and that we can afford to pay for it. Akiva Daniel ben Rivka Leah -
I am so afraid he won't get accepted anyplace - or if he does that it's too much for him. This sounds really good. They already told me that his diet is no problem!!! and not only would he have time to play the violin, they have a music room on premises!
Please please please let this be the right place for him!
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Davening - school choices are so hard!
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davening. It's hard going to a hs you aren't suited for, and that isn't suited for you, like I did. I hope that the yeshiva of south bend works out as a wonderful affordable school for Akiva.

btw, what is the difference between tefillah and davening? is it that tefillah refers to prayer in general and davening is the specific act?

also, what I came here to say, lol. As I was sitting down on the computer, DP goes to empty his pocket change and says "Some change for [my pet nickname] (putting some in my pile of tip change money. yes I have a tip money pile on the floor... ), and some for the tzedekah box." my goyim beloved, refering to it as the tzedekah box, as compared to charity box or some such.

I realize writing it down that it doesn't sound particularly like... anything, but it was a symbol to me of how possible it is to create a jewish house for our children, within the context of an interfaith (or well, exogamous. interfaith implies he would have a religion) relationship/marriage. not easy, but possible
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I need help with baby names!

I don't know if this little one is going to be a boy or girl. Either way, I LOVE the name Zohar ("light, brilliance" in Hebrew). I love the sound and the fact that for me, it is a name to remember those who have shown brightly in our lives who are no longer here. But my hubby hates the name and thus the problem...

I think I like names that begin with Z for some reason but I am up for suggestions. I want a more unusual Hebrew name... any help??? thanks!
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I'm not sure its... um a normal or common jewish name, but when DP and I role played as a couple (when/where we met), we named our role play daughter Ziona. I love that name, and sometimes I regret "wasting" it on a role play daughter. I can't very well name my future daughter after an imaginary daughter. I wanted something Jewish, and he wasn't going for a lot of the names I proposed, so he proposed that.
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