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Toddler Thrush

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Cross-posting in BFing Challenges, but wanted to ask the weaning question over here.

We thought DS had a toothache because he was crying saying his mouth hurt and couldn't latch on to nurse. Took him to the dentist, who referred us to a pediatric specialist for the suspect tooth but said not nursing + eating hard things like crunchy pretzels isn't really consistent with cavity pain. Then in the car while he was hollering at me I glimpsed under his tongue, and saw what I thought was a big ol canker sore. Got some numbing paste at the natural pharmacy, and later when I was putting it on thought it looked more like a thrush patch - bright white, doesn't seem to have a center or anything. All the info I'm finding on the internet is about mom having thrush, or about infants needing to nurse to eat. I don't know what to do!

So many questions - should I just skip the natural remedies and go get some Diflucan or something from the ped? If it's thrush, should I be tossing the breastmilk I'm pumping, or can he drink it? No symptoms on my end. What about a yeast elimination diet, what would it consist of and how long would it take to work? I'm thinking we should both probably do something like that anyway, but don't know what to do in the meantime to heal his hurty mouth.

It's been two days of not nursing. He won't even try anymore, even with numbing paste under his little tongue. I'm up at 4 in the morning pumping my engorged breasts, wondering about the question of weaning? He'll be 2 next month. We've always planned to CLW. But never expected something like this to come out of nowhere. He doesn't need to nurse except for comfort really... I guess my question is, if I end up in a pediatrician's office for this, are they going to tell me to stop nursing to avoid passing the thrush back to him? And if they do, how hard should I push back at this point, how important is it to continue nursing past 2? Just last week I was telling someone I can't imagine him not nursing, he loves his ni-nis and nursed several times a day, and at least once during the night. But now I'm wondering how much of that is me talking, like maybe I'm just not feeling ready for him to wean, but maybe he'd be fine with it? I know it's a personal choice, different for each nursing pair, but wanted to hear some opinions from mamas who've BTDT.

Any info would be helpful, I don't know where to start with this.
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I don't think the breastmilk would be contaminated. It seems like it would be ok to continue offering the pumped milk. The only way I've ever been able to battle yeast/thrush/candida/fungus, is with beneficial bacteria. Yogurt and kefir are 2 common sources. Anything with live active cultures, the more different types, the better. If nothing else it helps relieve the discomfort.
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