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Sudden Toddler Nursing Difficulties-Help/Experience/Long

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So it is 3:45 am as I sit here typing this. My DS is 19 months and even though we had difficulties until about 7 weeks old, we have been nursing like pros since. Even with returning to work @ 6 months, daycare, illnesses, everything.

This last week though has been miserable. My chart finally says I ovulated (12 dpo) the hpt is negative, but my milk is definately low and it is extremely uncomfortable to nurse at times. Add toddler turning, twisting, pinching and general business to the mix and I am sure you can imagine.

We cosleep, but DS starts off in his toddler bed (in our room) but comes into our bed once awake. Monday, he was latched for nearly an hour and I had to pop him off it was so painful. Needless to say he didn't like that. So he screamed from 12:30 - 3:00 am, finally went to sleep, then woke to nurse again. I just grinned and beared it so he would go back to sleep.

Tuesday was back to his normal routine. Then tonight, he refused to sleep in the toddler bed, so I took him to bed and nursed him to sleep @ about 10 pm. 1:30 he wakes, I didn't respond instantly and he proceeds to kick, punch, pull my hair and have a major meltdown (raging). Not my sweet DS, who took him. My DH was livid, it is not the first time he has expressed dissatisfaction. But DH could not calm him, so goes on to tell me (over a screaming child) that if I had wened him ( a long time ago) or if "I" wasn't near that things would be okay. Oh and "he shouldn't be sleeping in our bed anyways". So I grin and bear another 1 1/2 hour long nursing session where all I want is to get away. And my DH went downstairs to sleep (NICE). Oh and I have to work at 8, ugh!!!!

So if you read all that, thank you!

I am mostly venting, but looking for others experiences with toddler nursing. Is this the end Or is this just related to AF maybe coming. I really just want my wonderful nursing experience back and my DS loveable child, who is always happy.

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I don't really have anything to add, but just wanted to say I'm sorry for your frustration and difficulties. Maybe he is getting sick or you are and its throwing things off?
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My supply drops very low toward the end of my cycle and it makes everything go to hell. It's painful to nurse, dd is so mad and nurses way harder, and I just want to run screaming from the house. We're heading for that time now. I can't stand being touched by the end of the day. I talk about weaning all the time. And then everything is magically better when my period starts and everyone is happy.

I hope that it clears up like that for you.
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Ovulation AND AF will affect my supply for a few days. The nips get SUPER sensitive so nursing is painful, the the kids nurse more b/c there isn't much of a letdown. I will actually offer them cow's milk during these days since they are getting less from me.

Hopefully you will notice a change for the better soon.

Children are a huge stress on a marriage. Huge. Have lots of nights like the one you describe and everyone gets short-tempered (I would, anyway) and everything seems harder. Soon you'll want to have a talk with your DH about child-rearing principles. If you want to do things one way and he wants another, you may need to find compromise somewhere. You'll work it out.
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