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Breastfeeding issues

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I was currently on here as firsttimemamma but due to time and then computer problems I wasn't able to get back on. then I couldn't remember my password and have a new email to this is my new user name. I had a boy (Noah Tristan Cole) who was two weeks late (born 9/5/09). I am currently having a low milk supply and am wondering if anyone else is/has experienced this and what I can do to help get it back and how to deal with my poor little guy in the mean time, I cannot seem to use the tube thing the lactation consultant gave me. I cry every day because I feel so bad when he seems so badly to want to nurse and just can't/wont.
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I think this DDC is going to be closed soon so I don't think you'll get many replies here, but I know the ladies in the breastfeeding forum have LOTS of ideas for upping your supply. Good luck!
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Yeah, the ladies in the Breastfeeding and the Breastfeeding Challenges forums are awesome. I am sure you will get a lot of help and sympathy over there.
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Thank you! I will go there.
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