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zippy, why would anyone wash their towels after every dry off? i mean you are CLEAN when you get out of the shower!
Not in my opinion.

First off, what if you don't get every bit of bacteria off? It goes right onto your towel.

Next, when you dry yourself off, you rub dead skin off, too. Dust mites and other yuckies love dead skin.

Thirdly, the water your towel absorbs wi
ll feel the molds flying in the air, and teeny tiny bits of mold will start growing on your towel, whether you know it for not.

Then if you use that not-so-perfectly-clean towel to dry yourself the next time you shower, you are well, no longer as clean as you were getting out of the shower.

Now, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world to reuse a towel once, but more than that and well, how super icky!