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Babe dropped this morning

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I woke up about 5:30 am in a good amount of pain and of course having to pee. It took me a couple minutes to figure out how to get out of bed without causing too much pain - almost woke DH. Afterward I got back in bed - still in pain - and used my hypnobabies to get back to sleep (don't know why I didn't use it to get out of bed). When I woke up about 7:30 am babe had definitely moved down. I can now climb the stairs without needing 5 minutes to catch my breath, ate more at lunch time and so far my indigestion and nausea are gone too. DD didn't drop until 2 days before birth from foot first to frank breech. My guess date isn't until the end of Jan, although I'm hoping for around the 14th. Might be an interesting time between now and arrival.

But for now I'm going to enjoy feeling better.
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my babe dropped, too. it's nice that the heartburn is gone but i've felt like a bowling ball is going to drop out of me... owww...
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That's so funny---I think it happened to me today, too! I no longer have that weird buzzing feeling in my lower ribs, but I keep getting headbutted in cervix.
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Time is getting closer!
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Count me in for another who thinks their baby has dropped.

The babies movements have changed from swooping movements, strong rolls and kicks and prods in totally opposite directions to... prodding movements. I am more comfortable now.

Also my tummy looks different. It used to have a gentle gradient from top to bottom and now it has a low circular shape.
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I am loooooowwwww. I'm really enjoying the extra breathing room, but not enjoyingt the 'baby's trying to poke his head out' feeling.
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pardon my ignorance, is this just when the baby turns head down, or something after that? my baby is now head down according to the u/s (yay!) but i dunno if this means he has "dropped" or not. explain?
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What they mean is that the baby has engaged in the pelvic outlet. It's no real sign of impending labor...BUT moms often have the same experience with each birth...or each birth can be completely different and it means nothing. LOL. So much left to chance...LOL
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Ah, Isobella spent a few days realllly low. Then she popped back up again. Now she's looooow. But she'll probably pop back up again.

It's so unpredictable in anything after the first baby I think. Josie went down at 35 weeks, and then stayed down. This one's way too curious about her environment to stay with ehr head wedged in any one position for too long :P
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mine dropped last night! I think it really explains why I felt so crappy and exhausted yesterday. Today I can BREATHE, and eat, and feel so much better.....except when I sit down and my belly is in my lap! It seems a little early to me, so maybe I will go earlier this time....HA!
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I'm pretty sure baby has dropped for me too. I can't sit forward without having my belly between my legs.
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My little one dropped a while back, and ever since I am in almost constant contractions. They are uncomfortable, he whacks me in the cervix, and my bottom is sore. Not fun. Can't wait til he comes out!
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My little one dropped down the day before thanksgiving. I am 34-35 weeks and was surprised it happened this soon. I keep thinking it means I'll deliver sooner. Anyone have a babe drop down at this time and still go to the due date or overdue??
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