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Super congrats!

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Welcome back!
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We definitely miss you here! Your name has come up several times on the SN boards, and one member has a daughter just diagnosed with EE, and when you didn't respond, I figured you were really busy with school. Congrats on the new scrubs!
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I remember your blogs, your journeys and stories! I'm not around here as much either, but have fond memories of moderatoring together. Wonderful picture and I wish you all the best!


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It's nice to see all of you again! Thanks for sharing my joy with me. I just had "date night" by giving my dh a head to to assessment for a practical that's coming up. That's what our life is like now. hee hee!

I'm off to hunt some more MDC friends to see if they are still on here or have taken a hiatus like I have. I hope to spend more time here catching up on my winter break. Oh, and I have "witnessed" to some of my nursing students about circumcision and I think I really made them aware that there are alternatives to circing and that boys have rights over their personal parts. I know I didn't convince them all, but at least I made them think about it for when they have kids (I'm one of the senior members of the class).
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Wow! Congrats!
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Of course we remember you! (Altho, you may not remember ME. )

Congrats on school! You look so cute and HAPPY in your scrubs!
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