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Still pregnant on Saturday group...

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That would be me. I am really bummed. I just feel very defective. I am facing castor oil on Tuesday and, God forbid, that doesn't work, there may be a hospital in my future...
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Hey, this is a club I can join!

Still pregnant!

Getting more and more practice contractions. Most of the day yesterday something was going on and a fair amount of the night.

I think it will at least be in the next few days( I hesitate to say this considering how much warm up I've had, but do feel it is getting closer- it has to be, right? Cannot be getting further away!)
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I'm still here, too! I don't think I'm going to make it to December like I'd been hoping.
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Me too. I'm 40 weeks now, and so ready!

Today, we are going to go to the mall so I can walk around. I really want to have the baby tomorrow, or sometime soon. I just hope I don't go into labor on Thanksgiving!
Good luck to all of you who are still holding on!
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I'm still hanging in there too! 40w 2d - but I REALLY want to have this baby before Thanksgiving!
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I'm still pregnant 39 weeks, though I haven't hit my due date yet (my DD came at 38 weeks though). I'm a stretchy 5 cm dilated and have been having lots of prodromal labour. Everything has stopped in the last few day though, because I've come down with the flu (confirmed). I'm refusing the Tamiflu though. I'm hoping I get over this fast and that the baby doesn't make an appearance in the middle of it!
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Sending healing vibes your way, Sonneva!

I bet your body will wait a few days until you're feeling better before it decides to get serious about bringing baby out.
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This coming Wednesday is my EDD. Having some warm-up contractions, but nothing too intense. I've actually enjoyed these, very "oxytocin-y" feeling

Getting grumpy, though. My DH made a whole huge pot of chili and it was NOT what I'd call chili (hardly any spices or seasonings, basically a whole bunch of brown sugar and TONS of diced tomatoes and tomato paste with some meat thrown in) Ooooo, I was so mad at him! (still am) It is nothing like chili, but he claims he likes it. It stinks to be looking forward to have him make us all something to eat and it's a whole huge pot of nastiness (and wasted food! our budget is tight this month).

See, I am grumpy!

(At least he is scrubbing a toilet right now...makes me a little less mad at him)
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Originally Posted by greenthumb3 View Post
(At least he is scrubbing a toilet right now...makes me a little less mad at him)
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Also still pregnant, although I've been crampy for the last two days now, and I haven't been checked but I feel like I"m kind of dialated, too. I've been having a contraction or two a day for a week or so. So, when it does happen it will hopefully be fast, but not too fast (I'd like to get to the hospital).
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Blah. Me. Ick. Prodomal labor. No baby. Come on!!!!!! My other three were late so I am absolutely not surprised, but I am sick to death of being pregnant. I am grateful to have a healthy baby and a healthy pg, but let's be done with it, m'kay?????? Contrx at night, contrx in the morning, contrx at lunch, etc. No baby! No labor! Move it, move it!
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me me i want to join i swear all the Drama and BS around this house lately is the reason ims till preg and its NOT m drama or bs
last night at bowling no im not bowling anymoe lol but i still go walking around my bones where grinding my babys head in my crotch i hurt badly to the point my vjayjay is swollen and it hurts to move my dd is in 2 days and i have a doc apmt that day HE BETTER DO SOMETHING!!!! i cant stand to be in pain 24 7 anymore
the pain in my vjayjay and bones down there feels just like i did post part with my last not fun!
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Still here.

Crampy, random contractions, that's about it.

I still have my money on tomorrow.
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I've been doing the prodromal labor thing since Wed. If I do nipple stim (which I hate) I will get great, nice strong contx, but when I stop.....blah!

I just finished a 3 day cohosh regmine. I am getting little bits of plug I think but nothing to write home about.

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Happy Still Pregnant Saturday to you all! I'm here, but in better spirits! The mama my midwife was attending has HAD her baby, after labouring since Tuesday! Woohoo! I'm 38-39 weeks, so could happen or could still be a while, but at least I feel confident that she'll be present!

I had the first of my painful contractions last night, so that was exciting. I never had any with my first DS. I think baby engaged, as there was SO much pressure, and so many people commented today that I've dropped. Yay! I'll have to check myself out naked to be sure. It doesn't feel too much different, sizewise, but it does seem like I can take a breath.

Hang in there ladies! I don't think we'll make it to December!
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I'm still pregnant too. I'm due Thursday, but I really wish it would happen sooner. I've been really crampy this week, and I've had a lot of pain in my cervix so hopefully when I do to my appointment Monday there will have been some change or I might cry! I'm pretty much ready to be done.
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I'm here at 40 wks 3 days.
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I'm still here. Due date is in 5 more days. MIL comes on Tuesday so I'll be all set after then. I can almost guarantee that the next time DH and I :dtd that I'll go into labor. I've been having a whole lot of practice contractions lately. Especially today which makes me feel like it'll be soon. I can't wait!

On another note, I'm going to see New Moon tomorrow since I'm still preggers! Yippie!
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Still pregnant, but I'm good with it for now
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Howdy everyone!

Sunday now, and still pregnant...LOLOL

But I am not due until 11/27. I think he won't come until 12/1 or 12/2 though for some reason (maybe the full moon....lolol)

Not having any changes of note to suggest that labor is coming soon, although it's my first-- so what the heck do I know!?

I get occasional cramps (verrrrrry mild) about one day a week, and have for several weeks now. And I am hoping that this is my cervix thinning out and me starting to dialate. My MW's (thankfully) don't do internals before labor unless there is an issue, so I have no idea whats going on in there!
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