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it's baby time!

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So today's update is that baby Dominic seems to be ready to make an appearance. We're still in the early stages but please pray for an uncomplicated birth and healthy baby. So far I've had some bloody show and ctx about 6-7 min. apart. We made it 2 weeks on bedrest so he's 34 weeks. I can't wait to meet my baby!
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Good thoughts and prayers, mama, I am so excited you get to meet your LO. Sounds like you're in good hands and hopefully you'll been cuddling that little baby soon!
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Oooh my god! Well I guess the beads will be "Welcome new Baby Dominic" beads for you then! Bless you, Regina - may everything go beautifully. I bet he'll be just fine and dandy! *HUGE hugs* and I will be thinking of you all of today! XXXXX
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OOoooh how exciting! Some babies just have no patience to see the world, eh?

I will be sending you healthy birthing vibes and good thoughts all day!
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Oh my goodness, Yay! Sending good thoughts for a uncomplicated birth and healthy baby.
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DDC crashing - best wishes for a smooth delivery! My DD was a 34-weeker and has done amazingly! Good luck to you and baby!
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Oooooo0h! Thinking of you. Lots of mamas here will be holding you in their thoughts no doubt!!! Looking forward to reading an updated post in the days ahead!
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Thinking of you! Update when possible!
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Good luck Regina!! Keep us updated!!
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Thinking of you!!
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Good luck. I was wondering when some our babies would start showing up. I was a 34 week, frank breech birth.
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Healthy, happy birth day vibes to you!
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oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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More happy & healthy baby birth prayers being said for you!! Update when you can!
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Yay, our first baby! We'll be thinking of you, here's to a beautiful birth!!!!
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I pray that your labor is smoothe and uncomplicated. I pray peace and comfort to you during your labor..and I pray that little Dominic is safe and sound in your arms soon!
God Bless!
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Praying for smooth and easy birthing, and a healthy baby!

Congrats mama!
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Congrats and blessings for a beautiful birth Regina
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may you have an easy labor and a wonderful birth!
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Smooth birthing vibes to you.
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