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DS 2 1/2 has never reacted to anything (but has never had nut products or many seeds). Today we went for lunch and he ate some Italian Wedding Soup and some potato chips. While he was eating, I noticed 3 or 4 small red bumps on his chin and one on his lip. They were pretty small. I took an ice cube and wiped it across the bumps and then wiped it with a cloth. They seemed to immediately reduce in size.

That was an hour ago. They are still there, haven't "moved", no more seem to have appeared, but they are fainter and less red than before.

About 5 minutes before eating, he tried to eat black pepper from the pepper shaker (put it to his mouth and tipped it up).

I'm trying to figure out if there was something allergenic for him in the food he ate (the restaurant does not have ingredient listings on any of their products - arg! - and their head office, who has them is closed until Monday. It's Williams Coffee Pub - a Canadian chain - for reference - totally not very responsible to not provide ingredients on products!!).

Does this seem like it is likely an allergy to something in the chips or soup? Or is it more likely to have been from the black pepper?

I'm kind of freaking out! TIA!!!