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btw, the baby whisperer has a website with message boards that have a bunch of info on them. I haven't read the book but have read tons on her site. The rigid schedule, esp the bfing aspects of it, turned me off. that said, we fell into a routine of sorts within the first few months and it has really helped. So we have a daily routine based on dd's cues and what works for us and my ptime work schedule and go from there. I avoided babywise altogether. Read healthy sleep habits, healthy child but didn't like that it was a cio book. also read no cry. will probably use it when I get up the guts to try and reduce dd's night waking/get her to self soothe for naps/sleep. she goes down pretty easily right now and wakes 1-2x a night at 9 mo, so no real complaints here.

oh, and IMO you don't have to co sleep to be AP. julia has always slept better in her own space, and aside from an off night when she is sick or teething she still does. we co sleep after the 3 am feed sometimes and when she wakes at 5 am :