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I am SO sorry to hear things turned out that way. You really did the best you could, more than many people could have handled. I'm frankly surprised that your midwife would tell you to push for 3 1/2 hours against a lip, but YOU did everything you could have. It must really suck to hurt like that from a section and to have Kate in the NICU - hang in there and stay strong. I agree that you should insist on the breast milk once she can breath on her own. Soon it will be over and you and your lovely girl will get to go home and be together.
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Oh, what a beautiful baby Congratulations on the birth of Kate

It sounds like you are coping with a much-less-than-perfect situation with grace and strength...it must be rough-going, but you are doing such a good job dealing with all those unforeseen complications and the aftermath. Take it easy as much as you can, soon you will be home with your sweet daughter.
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Congrats! She is absolutely beautiful. Sending you and Kate healing .
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Sending healing thoughts your way!
Understand having been there as well with c-section and NICU experience.
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Originally Posted by Tattooed Hand View Post
I agree that you should insist on the breast milk once she can breath on her own.
I will third this suggestion...it's up to you, not them remember! She looks so sweet and plump though, that's fantastic!

Something I found out way, way after my c-section: you can buy support belts that go over your incision. I would have LOVED one. I remember being so paranoid to cough or worse, sneeze! Having something putting mild pressure on there would have made me feel all around more comfortable. Probably a big drug store would have one?
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Oh mama, you did an amazing job!! Kate is gorgeous! I'm sending you lots of quick healing vibes. Go easy on yourself.
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Wow! I'm in awe of your strength!! And little Kate is beautiful!! I love your birthing necklace!
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Originally Posted by vegasgrl View Post
I uploaded the pictures to flickr cuz she's just too darned cute not to share. Enjoy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/4491152...7622729727323/
She's gorgeous!

You did an amazing job.
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Congrats to you. What a beautiful baby. Take your time healing and loving your baby.
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CONGRATS and many healing vibes to you, mama! I was thinking about you yesterday, oddly enough--and here you were in labor then!

{{{}}} i friended you on FB, btw
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She's really beautiful mama!! I'm sorry the birth didn't go as planned but I hope you both recover well and are reunited soon! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations on that beautiful new baby!

I've been following your story since the first time you posted on MDC, and have been hoping for the best for you.

I'm sorry you didn't end up getting the home water birth that you hoped for, and that your baby has to spend time in NICU, but glad that everything seems to have turned out OK in the end, and that baby Kate looks like she'll make a good recovery.

She's really beautiful, and I hope you will have her at home with you very soon.
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Congrats on your new arrival!
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So sorry all the insanity happened....but wonderful to hear your little girl is going to be a-ok.... Congrats and keep us updated!!!!

Sending healing thoughts out your way...........................
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what a pretty baby girl. congratulations mama! I am sorry you did not get hte birth you wanted but you did amazing I would never have lasted that long pushing!!!!
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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!
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It sounds like you're coping well with the drastic change in birth plans. Birth is such an emotional and personal thing that it's hard enough to take little deviations from the planned ideal, kudos to you for handling this all with such grace. It sounds like you're in mama bear mode for your little dd right now, which makes sense, but once she's safely in your care you may find that your emotions about the birth aren't nearly so stable--there's some good support here on MDC for birth trauma too, so if it sneaks up and hits you later know that you don't have to take it alone.

I have heard that arnica does wonders for c-section scars (both for helping it heal in the first place and also for helping the scar be minimal). I don't have personal experience with it for c/s, but it is pretty astounding for my accident prone little boys' bumps and bruises, so I believe it.
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I just wanted to send you some more s

I am a c/s and NICU mama, too. It's a hard, hard experience but it does pass and bit by bit you will hopefully heal physically and emotionally. I don't think the memory of the pain ever goes away (am tearing up now with the memory - my c/s and NICU babe's 3rd birthday is around the corner) but I am now able to dwell a little more on the positive memories and less on the sucky, crappy ones (my c/s was not necessary but I was railroaded into it more or less).

Go easy on yourself in every possible way. I'm praying that you and your darling girl will soon be snuggling together.
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Your daughter is just stunning!!!!

It sounds like you did everything right, mama-- you really did. Not that you need me to tell you that, but I just think, some people (inc. me) might be so stubborn about the epi/hospital transfer that the stubbornness would have ended up harming the baby. You have such strong instincts and you listened to them.

I can't wait until your baby is snuggled with you!
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