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How long to keep trying?

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DS will be two next month, and up until Tuesday, nursed many times throughout the day and night.
This Wednesday, he woke up with a giant canker sore under his tongue and couldn't nurse because of the pain. (thought it was thrush for a bit, then learned that doesn't happen under the tongue... anyway...) He was saying owie and waking up screaming for a couple days/nights, and we used pain medication to help him deal - we don't usually do that, but it seemed to be hurting him quite a lot.

Also, he's getting a tooth near the front on the bottom. The sore seems to be gone now, and the tooth has broken through but is still probably bugging him a bit.

The first few days he still asked to nurse several times a day, then when he tried he remembered that it hurt and asked me to put it away. It made him quite upset a few times, and it seemed like he really wanted to nurse. Then yesterday he didn't ask at all, though I offered several times and he refused.

This morning, as he woke up, we were counting body parts. He counted two hands, two feet, and then two boobahs on mama. I offered to nurse, and he put his mouth there but wouldn't latch. He seemed to think it was a really funny idea. I asked him if he wanted to nurse, and he said "no more ninis, mama."

I've been pumping a few times a day to keep my milk. I'm just wondering - at what point would I know he's really ready to be done, and not just scared it'll hurt? Should I give it another week? Has anyone been through this scenario, and how did it turn out for you and your LO? 2 seems so young to self-wean, especially because he was such a nursing fiend so recently. But I don't want to push it too hard, if it really is his intention to stop.
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Given what you have posted, I would not consider this CLW. It sounds more like he was scared.

Do you sleep topless? I would do so, maybe take some baths, try to reintroduce nursing when he is sleepy and relaxed. If he has some good experiences nursing while drowsy he will probably realize it is safe to go back go back to nursing and do so.

Good luck
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This morning he finally nursed. Just as I was trying to get used to the idea of him making that choice... so I'm glad I kept trying! Longer than a week would've driven me nuts though!
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I'm so glad to hear that he's back to nursing.
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